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There are many types of creatures on Zeenu. They are very different from Earth's. Zeenu inhabitants include monster "cows", two-headed wrestlers, talking food, and evil beasts.


Here is a list of different Zeenu inhabitants and main characters in Planet Sheen.

  • Mr. Nesmith, a talking chimpanzee that is really smart and made to replace Jimmy
  • Doppy, a four-eyed blob that looks almost exactly like Carl
  • Dorkus, a grumbly old cloak-wearing villain, who hates Sheen because he destroyed his house. 
  • Princess Oom, the Emperor's two-headed daughter, who is in love with Sheen.
  • Pinter, Dorkus's flying one-eyed sidekick.
  • The Emperor, the ruler of Zeenu.
  • Aseefa, a yodeling Glimorian princess. 
  • Chock Chock, Aseefa's pet chocktow.
  • Doppy's parents, the mother and father of Doppy


  • They may be based on scorpions and cows.