The Yolkian Fleet Commander is a high ranking commander of King Goobot V's services and the antagonist of the Jimmy Neutron PC game.


  • "Have you located the rebel base yet?"
  • "That must be the area. I feel his presence. Plot a course on Earth for the town called Retroville.
  • "Have you located the human boy?"
  • "Very well. Order the fleet out of warp speed and start the teleportation process. Bring the human to me when you get him."
  • "Excellent. Our first catch of the day."
  • "This is not the correct human boy, you idiots! Does he look like this?"
  • "Sorry is not good enough. You have failed me for the last time, lieutenant!"
  • "You are now in charge. Bring me that human boy... NOW!"
  • "Where's my human boy?"
  • "It's not you we are looking for. It's the human named Jimmy Neutron."
  • "That's what you think."
  • "Well, well, well. If it's not my favorite little man."
  • "Sure, right away."
  • "Guards, take him away!"
  • "Oh, ahem. Okay. You heard the man. Send them all back home!"
  • "This isn't the last time we meet, Jimmy Neutron!"
File:Obscure Voices Rob Paulsen as Yolkian Fleet Commander


  • The character pays homage to Darth Vader from the iconic Star Wars film series.
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