aka TheMasterofComedy209

  • I was born on May 19
  • I am 🅱isexual

    Two Bowlbytroopers dropped the insurgent to the floor, making a large thump sound as he hit the cold duranium-plated tiles. He silently sobbed, knowing he would face judgement for his crimes against the universe. "Shut up, heretic." the trooper growled, jabbing his plasma rifle into the rebel's side. His helmet could hear even an ant passing by, as the military of this glorious country was designed to crush any possible sign of disloyalty in seconds. This includes ants. 

    Thundering footsteps were heard, as the God Emperor made his way to the Reeducation Center. The rebel made his prayers to whatever God he served, which was obviously the wrong one. He was the smarter of the insurgency, one that knew he couldn't sin against the Emperor and li…

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