I came here almost four years ago to fix some vandalism that was happening across a few wikis. Though I didn't make a lot of edits that year, I helped out enough that I was given administrator rights for the wiki. Since then, I've mostly been involved with maintenance and making sure vandals don't get too far.

And also since then, I've become an admin on about a dozen more wikis. Most of it was due to cleaning up vandalism. I haven't wanted to "collect" admin rights on wikis, but I have come to realize that it's okay if it happens because if nothing else, I can act as a caretaker and watch over the wiki until such time that other people step forward and want to take a shot at building it.

We're in that situation now. We have a couple of users who want to become admins, but the people who could give them admin rights aren't around any more. The sysop list shows that all four of our bureaucrats haven't been here for about two years or more, and none of them have even logged into their account for at least eight months. So if we ask them to promote an admin to bureaucrat, it's not going to be answered.

In order for us to have an active bureaucrat who can grant and revoke user rights, I am going to adopt the wiki. Although anyone could make the request, Wikia has said in the past that they give preference to the existing admins.

The process will be this: all of our existing admins and bureaucrats will be notified that this announcement has been made. During the next two weeks, everyone who comes to this wiki will have a chance to weigh in, either for or against. If people say no, I shouldn't, I'd like to hear what I did wrong so I can work on correcting that. The following weekend, I'll submit the adoption request.

If that's approved, then we can look at updating our admin roster and see which of them might be a good candidate for also having bureaucrat rights so that there is more than one active bureaucrat for the wiki.

Comments about this adoption notice can be entered until Friday evening, November 21st. This would be about 06:00 UTC on November 22nd. Provided there aren't any objections, or the objections that are voiced can be addressed properly, the adoption request will go in on about Sunday, November 23rd.


I was given bureaucrat rights on December 4, 2014, so adopting the wiki is no longer necessary.