• PatrickMcConnaha123

    The Jimmy Neutron and Friends Show is a TV series I came up with.

    • "Purple Flurp Pandemonium"
    • Summary: Jimmy and his friends host a talent show to save the Purple Flurp factory from closing down.
    • "From the Bottom of Brittany's Broken Heart"
    • Summary: Nick breaks his leg again, leaving Brittany heartbroken until Jimmy and the gang cheer her up by suggesting they host a "welcome home" party for Nick after he leaves the hospital.
    • "King of the Arcade"
    • Summary: Jimmy and Brittany watch Nick and Sheen compete at the Retroville Mall Arcade to become King of the Arcade.
    • "Off the Deep End"
    • Summary: Libby and Brittany join Jimmy and the gang on a trip to the beach to vist the giant squid (from Raise the Oozy Scab).
    • "Return of the Pumpkin Head"
    • Summary: Jimmy an…

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  • PatrickMcConnaha123
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