[Note: When the episode transitions from 2D to 3D and vise versa, it will be noted. In addition, the usual atom transitions have stars in the center reflecting the theme. Also, background vocals are in square brackets.]

[WD = Wavering dissolve.]


(Opening shot: Iris in to the exterior of Lindbergh Elementary. Close-up on the doors; they slam open as the kids run out and cheer. After they have gone, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen make their way out themselves.)

Jimmy: Man, that was the best school day ever! Wasn't it?
Sheen: It sure was! I can't believe we had a pop quiz on the history of Ultra Lord, and I was the only one who got 100%!
Carl: I enjoyed the lunch special in the cafeteria, today was roasted brussel sprouts with melted garlic butter and lima beans.

(This response only gives him a bunch of dirty looks; all he does is stare blankly.)

Carl: What? I was the only one who liked it, big deal.
Jimmy: And I managed to finish work in every class before the bell. No wonder I got no homework every day this week.
Sheen: Yeah, one more day and it's the weekend!! (jumping in place) YEAH! Go, Friday! Go, Friday! T-G-I-F!
Jimmy: That gives me enough time for me to finish my Neutronic Discombobulator.

(He reaches into his pocket on the end of this; in close-up, he brings an invention into view; a small, silverish-white gun coated in lights and has a plunger.)

Jimmy: (from o.s.) One blast of this, and it causes whatever it hits to become reduced by power. (Cut to Sheen.)
Sheen: I don't blame you, Jimmy, but how long did it take you to invent this?
Jimmy: About three months. Still working on it, it needs something.
Carl: What does it need?
Jimmy: I don't know, yet. If only I had help.

(The blue eyes suddenly pop in realization as he finishes; he stares at the ray for a moment, and he sighs as he lets his head drop slightly.)

Sheen: What's the matter, Jimmy?
Jimmy: I don't know. You know who I really miss? (Close-up Sheenon .)
Sheen: Going to Twonkus 3 and facing a rampaging monster? (Pan quickly to Carl.)
Carl: Becoming a spy and rescuing Jet Fusion? (Cut back to Jimmy.)
Sheen: Still sad about the fact I was away on Zeenu for one season and didn't write to you since?
Timmy: No, it's Timmy Turner.

(Sheen walks over to him and stares in confusion; the moments the two mentioned are from "Attack of the Twonkies", "Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion" and the entire run of Planet Sheen, in that order.)

Sheen: Who-to-the-what-now?
Jimmy: (pointing at each feature) Buck teeth? Pink hat? Fairy computer programs? (Carl joins them.)
Carl: Oh, now I remember, the small-headed Jimmy! I loved that guy, when I first met him, I thought he was you! (giggles)

(He is referring to the moment when he and Sheen first met Timmy in Act One of "Jimmy Timmy Power Hour". As Jimmy speaks, he puts the ray away and steps forward.)

Jimmy: Timmy and I have been on many adventures together, but I haven't seen him for a while yet. If only we could spend some time together or so, maybe he could help me finish the Discombobulator. It's difficult to do so with only one person. (Eyes go wide as before, pulls ray out) Wait a minute...

(Close-up on the unfinished Discombobulator, then zoom out to frame all of him as he aims one pointed finger to the sky.)

Jimmy: I've got it! Timmy can come over to visit me!
Sheen: Um, not to bother, but how can you invite him over?
Carl: Can't you just use that wormhole thingamajig to just hop through and drag him here?
Jimmy: That's too rude. I'll just send him a letter via Hypermail!
Sheen: Hyper what?

(Jimmy double claps; comes next is Goddard, flying down to them from the sky barking. He lands before them and turns around; close-up on his back as it opens, revealing a chrome mailbox with an atom on the front door, along with a matching flag. Zoom out to frame Jimmy as he steps forward.)

Jimmy: Hypermail. I simply write a letter to someone and place it in here, and boom, it is instantly sent to their mailbox at their home address.
Carl: Wow, Jimmy. That's cool. I wonder if I can write a letter to Elke Elkberg? Then we can spend endless times chatting!

(Humming, Jimmy reaches into his pocket and gets a pen out, and one of Goddard's mechanical arms hands him a sheet of paper, which he writes on. The other hand gives him an envelope, which he lays the letter inside and seals it shut, then turns around and writes the address on the other side. Finally, Goddard gives Jimmy a stamp that Jimmy licks; close-up on the envelope as the stamp is sticked in place.)

Jimmy: (from o.s.) There. (Widen to frame all of him.) Timmy will get his letter in no time.

(Close-up on the mailbox, Jimmy opens the door and lays the letter inside, then closes it and puts the flag up. The mailbox begins to glow and jitter in place; one by one the boys sheild their eyes from the glare as its light blazes outward. One more flash of light whites out the screen, after which it fades in to a zoom through a tunnel of multicolored streaks of light – then emerges at the far end in another flash of light which resolves into the exterior of Dimmsdale Elementary, the animation now in 2D. The bell rings; close on the doors as the kids run out – but they are shouting in terror rather than excitement. Timmy, Chester and A.J. are the last ones out; the second wears a pink backpack with green thermos in one pocket – obviously Wanda and Cosmo respectively. All three boys reach the bottom and pant like they've run away from something.)

Timmy: Boy, that was the worst school day ever! Wasn't it?
Chester: It totally was, Timmy! Much worse than yesterday!
Timmy: I can't believe Mr. Crocker gave us all F minuses!
A.J.: Yeah, I always ace my tests. He just gives us Fs for no reason?! He should just quit and become a military school teacher at F.U.N. Academy, or something.

(He is referring to the military school Remy Buxaplenty tricked them into attending in "Operation F.U.N.". On the start of the next line, Timmy pulls out a light violet calender – this is clearly Poof in disguise – that reads "March" at the top. The 15th is circled and is adorned with devil horns.)

Timmy: And worse still, tomorrow's March 15th – (Close-up of that date, he continues o.s.) And every kid knows that day is the one where Mr. Crocker is at his meanest! (Back to him.) And I have a feeling he's gonna be coming upon us any second!
Crocker: (from o.s.) TURNER!!!
Timmy: I stand corrected.

(Here comes the crazy fairy-hunting teacher, being even meaner than usual.)

Crocker: I totally knew you were having a conversation about me! After all, tomorrow I will be at my meanest... AS ALWAYS!
Timmy: (deadpan) You had me at "always", Crocker.
Crocker: You have no escape from me tomorrow, gentlemen, because I will be starting the day with a big pop quiz, that will count as 95% of your grade! (All three boys gasp.) And to make matters worse, if either of you fail, you'll be forced spend all day with me in every class you have with me all next week! And there'll be no recess, nor lunch!

(They scream in terror.)

Chester: You can't take away our free time!
A.J.: What happened to you?!
Crocker: I'm just doing my job! (To Timmy) And as for you, I'll be as mean as you can say I am still hoping that you have... (fidgets in place) FAIRY GODPARENTS!!! (Timmy's eyes pop.) See you tomorrow, you won't like it.

(And he walks off, not before turning around one last time and giving the hand gesture that means, "I'm watching you." Chester and A.J. begin to work their way o.s. on the start of the next line.)

A.J.: Well, I have to go home and study.
Chester: Good luck with tomorrow...I hope.
Timmy: Okay, the coast is clear, you can reveal yourselves.

(The two fairies and their child change back to their usual forms.)

Wanda: Worst school day ever, huh, sweetie?
Cosmo: That was even worse than that burnt casserole I baked last night! Blech, it was disgusting! (Poof pretends to retch.)
Timmy: I'm afraid of tomorrow, I wish it'd never happen!
Wanda: I wish we could make Mr. Crocker nice, but I'm afraid we don't have the magic to do it.
Cosmo: Not to mention that time we went to his childhood and we caused a big change in the timeline!

(A reference to "The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker!". Close-up of Timmy, eyes flicking all over the place as if to see if Crocker is still here.)

Timmy: Crocker might be around us, hearing everything we say! I suggest we go home and escape, we'll get there during the wipe.

(Wipe to the exterior of Timmy's house; the godchild and his fairies make their way down the sidewalk. Cut to the mailbox, which is suddenly jittering in place; Sparky is here, watching it. The four others arrive on the start of the next line.)

Sparky: Hey, guys. I don't mean to bother you, but during the last two minutes, this mailbox started glowing and vibrating. Is that good?
Timmy: "Glowing and vibrating"?
Cosmo: That can only mean one thing: we've got mail!

(Timmy stares at the glowing/vibrating mailbox, then opens it to reveal Jimmy's letter. He takes it out and reads the back.)

Timmy: Hey, it's a letter to me, from Jimmy Neutron!
Cosmo: Jimmy who?
Wanda: The boy genius who we became friends with and worked together for some time?
Cosmo: Ah, yes. Haven't seen him in a while.
Timmy: (opening envelope) I wonder what he has to say.

(He holds the letter before him and reads it, eyes training back and forth. Close-up of the letter, tilting down slowly.)

Jimmy: (voiceover) "Dear Timmy Turner: Things have been going great in Retroville. It's almost the weekend, and I have lots to do before then. However, I've been getting a little lonely while working on my latest invention alone, so...why don't you come over so we can hang out for a while? Let me know, if you can, it would be great to see you! Sincerely, Jimmy Neutron."

Timmy: Oh, boy! Jimmy's inviting me to visit him! That'll get my mind off that mean Mr. Crocker for a while.

(Poof giggles in reply; Cosmo and Wanda take the letter and read it.)

Wanda: Jimmy Neutron wants us to visit him? No wonder he's such a boy genius.
Cosmo: Wait, you two used to fight each other, remember that time both of you wanted to ask Cindy to the Friday the 13th Dance, and Jorgan helped so she would go with you both?

(A reference to "When Nerds Collide"; Timmy takes the letter back and puts it in his pocket.)

Timmy: That was the past, Cosmo. Now, Jimmy and I are friends! We also look alike, you know.
Cosmo: You do? Aren't you different in terms of nature? I especially tell by your clothes, that's obvious.

(Close-up of Timmy, he points at each feature as he describes it.)

Timmy: Well, Jimmy and I have the same blue eyes...and the same brown hair... (leaning into Cosmo) and the same personality...but his is smarter than mine. We could be like, twin brothers. (Cut to a flattered Wanda.)
Wanda: Aww, twin brothers! So, whaddya say? Shall we poof you to Retroville?
Timmy: No, Jimmy decided I should try something more high-tech. I wish I had my own portal to Retroville!

(The wands and rattle raise high and glow; cut to an area of ground as a cloud appears, reading "Technology!". It fades away to reveal a teal, star-shaped portal whih a control panel. Timmy goes over to it and presses a button; the porta's empty surface blazes white, causing the onlookers to shade their eyes. The light fades away to a pink swirling pattern; the godchild, three fairies and pet proceed forward, the first using his cell phone to send a text message for a moment.)

Timmy: Come on, guys, let's go visit Neutron.

(They proceed forward; Cut to a close-up of the portal. One by one, the users make their way through the pink surface and disappear from sight. Timmy is the last; as he goes through, the camera zooms in on the portal slowly and the view blazes outward, fading to white as the opening credits begin.)


Act One

(Opening shot; Fade in to the 3D sky and tilt down slowly to frame the exterior of Jimmy's clubhouse. Jimmy has set up his Dimensional Wormhole with Goddard standing by, and Carl and Sheen walk over. Close-up on the first as he pushes the lever to turn it on; the other two join him.)

Sheen: We came here as soon as you called, Jimmy. What is it?
Jimmy: I just wanted you to come here and see if Timmy Turner responded to my Hypermail so he can join us. (widen to frame the wormhole.) The Dimensional Wormhole is here in case he decides to come.

(Comes next the sound of a ping; Jimmy gets out his cell phone and examines it.)

Jimmy: "Yes, I'm coming." He's coming! Everybody, take your places!
Carl: Who's coming, Jimmy? (Jimmy rolls his eyes and groans.)
Jimmy: Timmy Turner! Do you have any idea this is going on?

(The roly-poly gives a shrug, which can best be translated as "I think so." The vortex screen on the wormhole begins to flare brightly, and the three boys line up with Jimmy front and center. Another flare, and the face under the mass of brown hair begins to light up excitedly. Cut to ground level of the wormhole's high platform; two legs in stretchy blue pants step into view, one by one. Tilt up slowly to Timmy's face, which lights up as he gasps.)

Timmy: Jimmy! (He hurries o.s.; cut to a smiling Jimmy.)
Jimmy: Timmy!

(He runs o.s. too; both boys meet up with each other and shake hands.)

Jimmy: There you are!
Timmy: Boy, am I glad to see you. How've you been?
Jimmy: Oh, as always. (Goddard comes over and barks.)
Timmy: (petting him) Hey, Goddard.

(Cut to the wormhole; one by one, the pink and green-haired fairy godparents come out, and their light violet child and yellow dog join them.)

Cosmo, Wanda: We're here!
Poof: Yay!
Sparky: What's up? (They float over to the two boys.)
Jimmy: Cosmo! Wanda! Glad you could come, too!
Cosmo: Why can't we? My computer-programmed wand says I can't help it! (jerks wand around) Bleep, bloop!
Carl, Sheen: Small-headed Jimmy!
Timmy: You don't have to call me that, you know, now.

(Close on the two boys, probably still with no thought of remembering; the next lines overlap.)

Sheen: Oh, I see.
Carl: I get it, sorry...

(The boy genius walks up to them.)

Jimmy: That's okay, we understand.
Sheen: We're just gonna leave you to your business, okay? I have to catch the new episode of Ultra Lord later.
Carl: Yeah, and I have to do my homework. Later, guys.

(They exit; Jimmy crosses back to Timmy.)

Jimmy: So, what's new?
Timmy: Cosmo and Wanda had a baby!

(Which gives the cue for the fairy child to come flying over his head laughing, as he lands in Jimmy's arms.)

Jimmy: Your computer programs had a baby? Aww, that's so cute!
Poof: Jimmy Neutron! (giggles)
Jimmy: He knows my name? How in the world did he know my name?
Cosmo: Either it was me, or fairy babies remember the name of the person they're meeting long before they first meet them!
Jimmy: (slightly babyish, cuddling Poof) He's such a cutie, coochy coochy coo! Your widdle Uncle Jimmy is here, helwo! You're so cute, yes you are! Who's so cute? You are! Who's so cute? You are! Who's so cute? You are!

(Comes next is the yellow dog coming into view on the end of this; he sticks up as if he wasn't getting attention.)

Sparky: Um, hello? Magic pet here, waiting for attention! (Eyes on him; Jimmy lets Poof go.)
Jimmy: You got a dog, too?! Wow, this is even better with four computer programs! I gotta admit, Turner, we have been through a lot of times lately.
Timmy: Yeah, and there were tough ones, too. We used to rebel, but that's over with.

Slow, melancholy piano ballad with very light percussion, moderate 4 (A flat minor)

Jimmy: I know. We've been through a lot, and... (sighs) It's hard to not remember them.

(He steps backward a bit.)

Jimmy:                          There was a time
                                      That badness has stricken
                                      And I just had to hide
                                      Then came a day
                                      I met someone I wish who'd go away

                  But now I see
                                      There's a friend of mine
                                      I know that might help me

All instruments out for four bars, electric guitar/drums/synthesizer in
High-energy feel, faster tempo (E major)

(Now he begins to dance excitedly.)

Jimmy:                          'Cause you're here, you're here
                                      I am really so glad that you're here
(He peeks in and out of view near Timmy from either side.)
                                      You're here, you're here
                                      I am really so excited that you're here

(He hops behind a tree and peeks out, then comes out of hiding.)
                                      We will have some fun together
                                      Go on lots of big adventures
                                      There is nothing that will stand in our way
                                      'Cause you're here, you're here
                                      I am really so glad that you're here

Same melancholy style as start (A flat minor)

(Now Timmy begins to feel a bit downhearted about tough times in the past as he steps forward.)

Timmy:                         But it's not the same
                                      I remember when
                                      The fun was taken away
                                      I first met you
                                      All I did was fight
                                      And try to send you away

                   But that is over
                                      Now you're a friend of mine
                                      That sticks real close to me

All instruments out for two bars, same high-energy feel as Jimmy's verse (E major)

(He begins dancing excitedly as earlier.)

Timmy:                          'Cause you're here, you're here
                                      I am really so glad that you're here
                                      You're here, you're here
                                      I am really so excited that you're here

(He runs over to the wormhole and stands in its surface; close-up of him and zoom out to frame Cosmo, Wanda, Poof and Sparky on either corner.)

                                      We will have some fun together
                                      Go on lots of big adventures
                                      There is nothing that will stand in our way
(He hops off; they stand back to back.)
                                      'Cause you're here, you're here
                                      I am really so glad that you're here

Synthesizer out, handclaps/full percussion in, double-time feel

(They start chasing each other happily around the backyard; they dance in place, and the fairies clap to the beat.)

Timmy:                        We've been through a lot, fights ran all over
Jimmy:                        I didn't want our partnership to fade
Timmy:                        But that's all done, the past is over
Jimmy, Timmy:           Now we're together in any single way

(Jimmy's shoes activate their hovering jets in close-up, and Cosmo and Wanda poof Timmy up his own. Both hold hands and rise into the air.)

All instruments out for next line

Jimmy, Timmy:           'Cause you're here [You're here]

All instruments in, full rock feel

(Now they fly through the sky together, the fairies keeping up.)

Jimmy, Timmy:           You're here [You're here]
Jimmy:                        I am really so glad that you're here
Jimmy, Timmy:           You're here, [You're here] you're here [You're here]
Timmy:                        I am really so excited that you're here

Jimmy, Timmy:           We will have some fun together
                                    Go on lots of big adventures
                                    There is nothing that will stand in our way
(Cut from one singer to another on the next two lines.)
Jimmy:                        'Cause you're here
Timmy:                        You're here
Jimmy, Timmy:            I'm really so glad that you're here

(They hold each other's hands as they hold the last word, the camera twirling around them slowly.)

Jimmy, Timmy:           (spoken) You're here!

Song ends in time with last word (Jimmy and Timmy raise their hands at the same time.)

(There is silence for a moment, then we hear a sound of out of control laughter from the o.s. Cosmo, accompanied by his hand clapping.)

Cosmo: (from o.s.) That was fun! So fun!

(Both boys turn their eyes in his direction on the end of this; cut to Cosmo, applauding and laughing.)

Cosmo: I love doing this: breaking into song for no apparent reason, with no discernible music source!

(More laughter; cut to the two boys as they give him funny looks.)

Cosmo: (from o.s.) I could get used to this all day! (Back to him.) Do it again, do it again! (Jimmy floats up to him.)
Jimmy: I think we'll lay off the musical numbers for now. You need to control yourself.

(He descends on the end of this, leaving Cosmo confused. Cut to the ground; both the boy genius and godchild have descended.)

Jimmy: So, Turner, now that you're here, would you like to help me finish my Neutronic Discombobulator I've been working on for three months?
Timmy: Not now, I've got a major crisis!
Jimmy: With who?
Timmy: Well, tomorrow's March 15th, which everyone at my school fears.
Jimmy: How come everyone fears March 15th? That's the day Granny Neutron was born on. (Timmy gets in his face, nose to nose.)
Timmy: (freaking out) IT'S THE DAY MR. CROCKER IS AT HIS MEANEST!!! (backing up) He's gonna give us an early pop quiz that counts over a large portion of out grade, and if we fail, we have to miss lunch and recess every day next week! What do we do?! (shakes Jimmy) WHAT DO WE DO?!?!?
Jimmy: Okay, settle down. I'm sure we'll come up with a plan.
Cosmo: (zipping over) Oh! Oh! I have an idea! (Close-up.) How 'bout we sneak into his classroom and replace all the pop quizzes with coloring books? He'll have nothing to do but cancel the quiz entirely!

(The unimpressed boy genius and godchild roll their eyes at this random, non-workable statement; Cosmo lays a hand on his face.)

Cosmo: Oh, come on! It's a good idea!
Wanda: Why don't we go and pay Mr. Crocker a visit? Maybe we can try and convince him to be nice.
Timmy: That's a great idea, Wanda! Come on, Neutron, let's go to Dimmsdale.

(Goddard barks, and Jimmy nods in agreement, then activates the wormhole. It lights up its vortex screen, then both boys and the magical creatures hop through, one by one, and disappear from sight. Zoom in on the portal and fade to white; transition to the exterior of Mr. Crocker's house, animation now 2D. Zoom out as the entire group of seven proceed forward.)

Jimmy: So this is Mr. Crocker's house, huh?
Timmy: Sure thing. In there, he does nothing but focus on hunting for fairies.
Poof: (imitating Crocker, fidgets) "Fairy Godparents!" (giggles)
Timmy: I know, Poof, his fairy hunting may seem dangerous, but he'll be as mean as ever tomorrow.

(The start of the next line has them turning their eyes upward at the highest story window, the camera tilting in that direction towards it.)

Crocker: (from inside) Oh, I'm mean, alright! As mean as I'll ever be! Tomorrow was the worst day of my life; ever since I lost my godparents on Denzel Crocker Day – (Cut to him, pacing the room.) That moment haunts me every year! And I remember some familiar pink-hatted student coming over, and he revealed them accidentally! Well, as long as I'm here, I'll always want to discover the exestance of – (fidgeting) FAIRY GODPARENTS!!! (normal) Oh, I just want to give the students Fs like there no tomorrow, even if they –

(We hear the sound of a door opening on the end of this, causing him to stop his rant. A wider shot shows Jimmy and Timmy are here, Goddard, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof stand alongside, the last three disguised as cats. Sparky isn't here, possibly indicated by the fact he's staying outside.)

Crocker: What are you kids doing here?
Timmy: Duh, we're here to tell you something.
Jimmy: Assuming by the look of your face, we know you're in a really bad mood right now. (Goddard growls in reply.)
Crocker: That's because I AM in a bad mood! And I'll be even badder by tomorrow!
Timmy: (smiling) Oh, really? (He and Jimmy trade knowing grins.) We'll see about that.
Crocker: What is this? Are you two up to something?
Timmy: No, we're just here to ask you to try and be...well, you know...nice.

(He makes a really cute face after the last word, thus giving confusion to the black-haired fairy hunter.)

Crocker: NICE?!? Everyone knows I'm not nice! After all, I'll never be nice, and never will!
Timmy: Well, you're gonna need a lot of practice.

Peppy, synthesized bass line with drum beats, fast 4 (A flat major)
Crocker's spoken asides are in curly brackets

(Both he and Jimmy walk o.s.; cut to Cosmo and Wanda, the former getting excited all over again, the latter eyeing him annoyingly.)

Cosmo: Oh, boy! No discernible music source! That means another musical number is coming on! (applauds) I love this! (Wanda swipes a claw across one leg.) OW!
Wanda: Cosmo, control yourself!
Cosmo: Sorry, I get a little excited over this!

(Cut to behind Crocker's head; Timmy approaches him and sings.)

Timmy:                        If you wish to be better
                                    You should change your ways
                                    Might I give a small suggestion
                                    That might come your way?

                                  A mean one like you
                                    Should learn a lesson soon
                                    And that's all about being nice {Why, I'd never!}

Hammond organ in

(Now Jimmy comes forward, pushing a chalkboard with several nice-related equations and a cruedly drawn picture of an angry Crocker in the center, with a small heart on its chest.)

Jimmy:                        A teacher must be caring
                                    One they'd idolize
(Close-up of that picture, the heart grows bigger, and it's inhibitor smiles in turn.)
                                    Your heart may grow
                                    Three times in size

                                  You'll be a better man
                                    You'll approve of everyone
                                    That's all about being nice {Why would I? It's horrid!}

Hammond organ out, heavier percussion/drumbeats in

(Cut to Timmy standing against a red violet background; he waves his arms up and down in time, the arms of Cosmo and Wanda, back in fairy form, waving behind him, and they step out to either side.)

Timmy:                        A teacher must be caring, and kind, and sweet
                                    Happy to meet others, it's fun to greet
(The view is pushed away by Jimmy standing against a blue background; he dances in place, and Timmy joins in.)
Jimmy:                        You'll know it if you go
(Timmy joining in on last three words) It's not that hard if you try {No way! It's a waste of time!}

Synthesizer/horns in, harder rock feel

(Cut to a violet background; Jimmy and Timmy dance in time.)

Jimmy, Timmy:            Please be nice, Mr. Crocker
                                     You'll be better if you change your ways
                                     Sweet and neat, can't be beat
                                     You'll feel better in just one day

(They peek up over Crocker's shoulders, one by one.)
                                    Please be good, Mr. Crocker
                                    Your students don't like your 'tude
(Dark violet background; they march forward, arms out in fists and heads ducked slightly.)
                                    It's better if you change your nasty ways
                                    We like it if you're not rude

All instruments out, drum solo for two bars, all instruments seek back in during next verse

(Close-up of an angry Crocker.)

Jimmy, Timmy:            We like it if you're not rude

All instruments out except drums/guitar

Crocker: Why should I be nice?! All I think about is my past, and it was tragic! If no niceness comes to me, I'll be as mean as ever! Matter of fact, I always will!

(The two boys stare on, Cosmo and Wanda, back in cat form gather by with Poof.)

Jimmy: Seems like he doesn't understand well. We might as well go to extreme measures.
Timmy: I'm sure he'll listen sometime.
Crocker: I will never listen, and you know that!

Synth chord/drum solo for two bars, all instruments in

(As the two boys dance, the scene cuts back and forth between the two dancers and the agitated teacher.)

Jimmy, Timmy:            Please be nice, Mr. Crocker {I can't concur!}
                                     You'll be better if you change your ways {No, I won't!}
                                     Sweet and neat, can't be beat
                                     You'll feel better in just one day {I wouldn't if I were you!}

(They approach Crocker on a blue-green background and dance around him.)

Please be sweet, Mr. Crocker {Would you just stop?!}
                                     Your behavior is out of sight {You're driving me crazy, here!}
(Goddard starts to get down a bit.)
                                     If you act real good, you'll be nice as you should
                                     You'll do a deed just right {Cut it out!}
                                     You'll do a deed just right {Stop! I'm telling you!}
(Overhead view of the scenery, zooming in on the two boys as they stand together and raise their arms up slowly.)
                                     You'll do a deed

All instruments drop out suddenly during next line
Needle scratch at same time

Crocker: (from o.s., really fed up) STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!

Song ends abruptly

(Both faces snap into confusion as the background dissolves to the bedroom behind them. Crocker stomps toward them, angrily.)

Crocker: You kids do nothing but pester me into becoming nice?!? THAT IS SO UNFAIR OF YOU! I do think your musical number is good, BUT WHO CARES?!?
Timmy: We were just trying to get you to be nice, that's all.
Crocker: Oh, nice, sh'mice! Get out of here!
Jimmy: But we don't want you to be

(Cut to outside the house; it is sunset. Sparky stands in the walkway, looking up; he is the only one who didn't come inside earlier.)

Crocker: (from inside) GET OUT!!!

(We hear a kicking sound, and the group of six – two humans, three disguised fairies, one robotic dog – come flying out the window screaming. They hit the ground next to Sparky; close-up on them as they get to their feet. Goddard whimpers sadly, and the fairies return to their usual forms on the start of the next line.)

Sparky: No luck, huh? I would suggest taking it to extreme measures.
Jimmy: We tried that! He just wouldn't listen!
Timmy: Don't get me wrong, but...all he does is just sit and stare and moan and groan and – (fidgeting) FAIRY GODPARENTS!!! (normal) I can't believe I just did that.
Poof: I hate Crocker! (blows raspberry)
Wanda: There's gotta be a better way, but what?
Cosmo: Ooh, ooh, ooh! I have an idea! (floats over to Jimmy and Timmy) How about we go inside his brain and rearrange his molecules? (Close-up.) That would be good!

(Again, they roll their eyes at this; Cosmo faceplants as well.)

Cosmo: Oh, why don't you agree with me?!
Jimmy: Maybe we'll figure out when we get back to Retroville. Come on, guys.

(The boy genius goes o.s., and Goddard follows him; Timmy just stays where he is and stares. The fairies come up to him.)

Wanda: You okay, sport?
Cosmo: You look like Mr. Crocker didn't like your musical number!
Timmy: It's not just that, guys. It's's about Jimmy. (Close-up of Jimmy, walking away; he continues o.s.) He thinks you're just reality-bending computer programs. (Back to him.) I know this might scare you, but...I'm considering revealing my secret to him.
Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Sparky: NO!
Timmy: "No"? What do you mean, "No"?
Cosmo: Timmy, don't you remember? If Jimmy sees the true meaning of us, you'll lose us forever!!
Wanda: And he'll make you forget you ever had us!
Timmy: I know, Wanda, but Jimmy's seems to purse me to reveal you. (Widen to put Jimmy in the front.) The more he thinks of you as computer programs, the more I'm tempted to reveal the truth.
Jimmy: Timmy, are you coming back to Retroville with me or not?
Timmy: I'll be right with you! Just give me a sec!

(The big brained scientist and his dog walk o.s.; cut back to Timmy.)

Timmy: I don't know, guys. I know I have to keep your truth a secret, but I might have to reveal it on purpose.
Cosmo: But this isn't a good time to do so!
Sparky: Yeah, especially about the fact you have to turn your teacher nice before tomorrow. (Timmy's eyes pop.)
Timmy: Tomorrow? Oh, I should've remembered this a mere one minute and thirty seconds ago! I'm coming, Neutron!

(He dashes off on the end of this; cut to a close-up of Cosmo and Wanda as they look at each other for a moment.)

Cosmo: What? All Sparky does is remind him not to reveal the bad and do the good.

(He smiles sheepishly, and she rolls her eyes as if to say "Who are you kidding?". Snap to black.)

Act Two

(Opening shot; Iris in to the Dimensional Wormhole, animation now 3D. One by one, the boy genius, godchild, robot dog, and four magical creatures work their way out; it is now sunset.)

Timmy: Well, that visit with Crocker didn't work out very well.
Jimmy: He's even meaner than the time I first met him! Not to mention that flaming F he gave me. (Goddard barks in reply.)
Timmy: Cosmo, Wanda! (They float over to him.) Any idea on how we can do this?
Wanda: I don't know, sport. Crocker is mean as he'll always be.
Cosmo: Who can't be nice?

(She gives him a sour look; cut back to the two boys.)

Timmy: Jimmy, anything you can do?
Jimmy: Well, Turner, I'm gonna have to think that.
Cosmo: Oooooh! I feel a Brain Blast coming on!
Poof: (jumping excitedly) Brain Blast!
Sparky: (sarcastically) "Brain Blast"? Can't he just call it "Sudden burst of knowledge"? I don't think that term exists in fairy language. Just saying.

(He gets a round of sour looks, cutting from one to another. Jimmy is the last, before closing his eyes and starting to concentrate.)

Jimmy: Think, think, think...

(Zoom in on one ear. Cut to the auditory canal and zoom through; snap to white, and fade in to his beating brain. Zoom in quickly, passing by the molecules and arriving in the large, deep violet tunnel of thoughts. First, a spectral image of Jimmy and Timmy in 2D passes by, this is the scene from their musical number to Crocker in Act One.)

Jimmy: (echoing) We might as well go to extreme measures.

(This floats away; a spectral image of the unfinished Discombobulator from the prologue, 3D, takes its place. Fade to white, and in to a close-up of Jimmy as he aims one pointed finger to the sky.)

Jimmy: Brain Blast! (Eyes on him; he crosses forward.) I've got the perfect idea to turn Mr. Crocker nice!
Timmy: Really?
Jimmy: All we have to do is use the technology from making my Discombobulator to make a new invention that makes Mr. Crocker nicer! I'm sure it will work this time!
Timmy: But your Discombobulator took three months to invent!
Jimmy: Not if you have some teamwork with a friend of mine.
Timmy: Aw, you shouldn't have.
Jimmy: Your computer programs can help, too. And so can Carl, Sheen, Cindy and Libby. (gets out his phone) I'll call them right now.
Judy: (from o.s.) JAMES ISSAC NEUTRON!!

(All six sets of eyes instantly turn in the direction of the voice, and the three fairies disguise themselves as cats again. Cut to Judy, crossing forward.)

Judy: Your father has cooked dinner, and it has been waiting on the table for almost a half hour! What have you been up to?!
Jimmy: Sorry, Mom. It's a long story, so I'll tell you at the table. By the way, this is my friend, Timmy Turner.
Judy: Timmy? Well, hi there!
Timmy: (shaking her hand) Hi, Mrs. Neutron!
Judy: You know, Jimmy, how about we have our special guest join us for dinner? He could tell the story, too.
Jimmy: Um...okay. Come on, Timmy, Dad's cooking sirloins!
Timmy: Mmm! I love sirloins! (licks lip)

(Both boys make their way o.s. Cut to a close-up of a sirloin steak on a plate; one fork comes into view and pierces one part of it. A knife cuts it during the start of the next line.)

Hugh: (from o.s.) So, you had a horrible day at school, huh?

(On the end of this, cut to frame the entire table, each sitter has a sirloin.)

Hugh: And your teacher is even meaner than ever tomorrow? (Close-up.) Come on. No one's as mean as Coach Gruber is.
Timmy: Mr. Neutron, you have no idea over how mean Mr. Crocker is. Tomorrow, he'll do nothing but be mean to us the whole day!
Jimmy: Which is where I come in. With Timmy's help, I'm going to invent a device that gets rid of Mr. Crocker's mean attitude.

(Timmy reaches one arm forward; cut to his perspective of three shakers, salt, paprika and pepper - obviously Cosmo, Poof and Wanda in disguise as told by their colors: green, light violet, pale pink. Timmy's arm grabs Wanda and he begins to shake her over the dish.)

Wanda: Ow! Watch it! (Cut to Judy, who gasps.)
Judy: Did your pepper shaker just talk, Timmy?
Timmy: (searching for excuse) does that all the time, it's like it has a mind of its own.
Jimmy: (quietly) Way to hide the computer programs, Turner.

(He winks, and Timmy follows suit. Close-up of the clock, which chimes 8:00. Zoom out to put Judy in view.)

Judy: Oop! Time for you to go upstairs and take a bath, Jimmy. (Cut to Jimmy and Timmy; she continues o.s.) Then after that, you go straight to bed.
Jimmy: But Mom! I have to invent the turn-nice gizmo before tomorrow!
Timmy: Yeah! What's a scientist without his inventions?!
Hugh: Sorry, Jimbo, have to put that off until... (mumbles) I don't know, maybe after school tomorrow.

(This throws a shock to both boys as they suck in a gasp of disbelief, the camera zooming in on them quickly.)

Jimmy: (to Timmy) Don't worry, I can fix this.

(Transition to Timmy sleeping on the floor in Jimmy's bedroom, Goddard sleeping alongside; tilt up slowly to frame a sleeping Jimmy in bed. We hear an alarm sound; cut to Jimmy's alarm clock, reading 5:00 as one hand comes into view and slams on the button to turn it off. Jimmy sits up, yawns and rubs his eyes, before turning them down to Timmy; he wears just his undergarments.)

Jimmy: Timmy! (Cut to Timmy, snoring; he continues o.s.) Wake up!

(He doesn't stur; groaning, Jimmy brings a ray gun into view and zaps it; it fires a ray which hits Timmy in the head, causing him to shriek as he jumps to his feet. He moans for a moment before shaking himself awake.)

Timmy: Huh? Jimmy, it's 5:00 A.M.! It's too early! (Goddard groans and gets to his feet.)
Jimmy: Get yourself together, it's early enough for us to work on our invention that turns Mr. Crocker nice! Now, follow me.

(Flip to the outside of Jimmy's backyard; the two titular boys and robot dog stand in front of the clubhouse while Carl, Sheen, Cindy and Libby approach; Cosmo, Wanda, Poof and Sparky watch aside.)

Jimmy: Attention, everyone! I know it's a little early – (Close-up.) But I really need the help of all of you.

(Cut to Cindy and Libby, struggling to stay awake; the first yawns, the second stretches endlessly.)

Cindy: Neutron, I was having my beauty sleep... (Stretch.) there's no way we're able to –

(A huge batch of water splashes over both girls; they startle awake and shriek. Cut back to Jimmy and Timmy, holding empty buckets.)

Timmy: (giggles) That oughta keep 'em awake. Thanks, Cosmo!
Cosmo: (flies by) Wouldn't mention it, Timmy!
Jimmy: Today is March 15th, which every kid at Timmy's school fears. (Slow pan across the others; he continues o.s.) It's the day his teacher, Denzel Crocker, is at his meanest. (Back to him.) So, I've decided we should invent a gizmo that Timmy can use on him, so he can remove his mean ways, turning him nice!

(They burst out into chatters of wonder; Jimmy comes forward a little.)

Jimmy: But it's going to take the work of all of us to get it done. We only have about three hours before the bus comes, and it takes forever to get it done with just one person. (taking out his unfinished Discombobulator) Especially that Discombobulator which took me three months. (puts it away) Who's with me?

(Close-up of Sheen; pan from one child to another as one by one they raise their hands.)

Sheen: Aye!
Libby: Aye!
Cindy: Aye!
Carl: What does that mean?

(Cut back to Jimmy; Timmy walks up alongside, and the fairies join them.)

Jimmy: I'm sure we can get this done before the bus arrives! Are you ready, Turner?
Timmy: I sure am! Everyone else?
Others: Yeah!
Jimmy: Then, let's get to work!

(Overview of the backyard; everyone jumps into the air and cheers excitedly; before Jimmy suddenly motions to be silent, and everyone quiets down due to everyone still asleep. Silence for a few seconds.)

All: (quietly) Yay.

Laid back rock melody with heavy percussion, fast 4 (G major)
Lines spoken in rhythm are marked with one dash ( - )
Words in capital letters are shouted rather than sung

('Transition' to the sliding doors in Jimmy's lab, which open to reveal the two titular boys. Jimmy has donned his lab coat, Timmy stands next to him, wearing his own lab coat, and they rush forward as the other nine come in, the humans and dogs on the ground, the fairies in the air. Cut to a table of parts as they rush up – this shot shows a star on the back of Timmy's lab coat – and cut to a slow pan across the several invention parts on the table. The pan stops on a blueprint marked "Neutronic De-Rudinator 9000", after which Jimmy's hand comes into view and points at it. Cut to a close-up of him as he looks at the others, as if to say, "Got it?", and the others nod in reply.)

(Jimmy comes forth to an empty table with a nut; he lays it screw side up, and Timmy comes forward with a bolt and screws it onto it.)

Jimmy:                          Nut goes here
Timmy:                          Bolt goes there
Jimmy:                          Stick them together
Timmy:                          So they work with care
Jimmy:                          An invention so grand
Timmy:                          An invention so rare
Jimmy, Timmy:              Really hope it turns him nice

(They walk off; Cosmo, Wanda, Poof and Sparky work on another part of the invention.)

Cosmo:                          I'll do some hammering
Wander:                         And I'll screw the screws
Poof:                         Can I hold the bolts
-                                     So we have none to lose?
(Pan quickly to Carl, panning slowly to Sheen, Cindy and Libby as they work on different parts of the invention.)
Carl:                           Something so big
Sheen:                          Something he did choose
Cindy, Libby:                Really hope that he turns nice

Swelling guitar chord on last word, then out
Harder percussion, synthesizer/horns in

(They raise their hands high, and the camera tilts up to follow the action; iris in to an empty space of ground as the six humans gather round in a circle, the camera shifts to that and pans across each singer.)

Jimmy, Timmy, Carl, Sheen, Cindy, Libby:
                                  A very nice guy, not hard to beat [HEY]
                                  He'll be special, he'll be sweet [YAY]
(Overhead shot of the sextet, dancing as the camera tracks around slowly.)
                                  Can't wait to see the best of he
(Under previous) [Can']
                                  He'll be real nice for you and me [HEY]

(Now, they cross to the table in a line, and one by one, they each grab another part to the invention amd walk off.)

Jimmy, Timmy, Carl, Sheen, Cindy, Libby:
                                  A really special guy, not mean or cruel [NO]
                                  One zap of this and he'll be no fool [WHOA]
                                  A better teacher for all to see
(Under previous) [He']
                                  He'll be a very nice guy
                                  For you and me [YEAH]

Guitar/synthesizer out

(Close-up on a handle; zoom out to put Sheen in view as he starts working on its trigger.)

- Sheen:                     A little bit of happy
                                   A lot of love
(Libby joins him, a grumpy turtle dove perched on one finger.)
Libby:                       It would hate me to see him
                                  Mess with a turtle dove
(The dove coos in annoyance; cut to Cindy, holding up a picture of a frowning face.)
Cindy:                       You'll never know he's happy
                                   Whenever he gives a frown
                                   I'm sure that what we're making
(Close-up of that face; she uses her finger to impossibly turn it upside down, making a smile.)
                                   Will turn that upside down

(She brings it down, revealing Carl as he crosses the floor to Sparky, holding a cushion with screws in a jar.)
Carl:                        I'm sure he'll be better
-                                  Can't wait to see his grin
Sparky:                      I hope that you're all right
                                   Either this is lose or win
(He takes them and walks off; cut to a close-up of Jimmy and Timmy and zoom out to frame the almost-finished invention.)
Jimmy, Timmy:            Just a few more bits, and it's ready to go
                                     The parts of niceness are next, you know

(The view dissolves into a close-up of a light blue waft of steam, zooming out to frame it coming out of a flask with Jimmy's atom symbol on it. One by one, each singer comes into view and adds a test tube with their solution to the flask.)


- Jimmy:                          The smell of friends
- Timmy:                          The taste of sweet
- Cosmo, Wanda:            The pheromone of being neat
- Sheen:                           The gust of good
- Cindy:                            The scent of fair
- Libby:                            The pleasantness without a dare
Poof, Sparky:                 The music of a mediant

(Cut to Carl, carrying his own test tube and crossing to the table.)

- Carl:                              And now, the last ingredient

Music gradually generates intensity during next lines

(As he adds the solution, cut to inside the tube, pointing out at the opening as the singers peek in.)
- All others:                    It's the epitome of happiness
(Close-up of the flask as it is dumped into a rod of power which begins to spark; overhead shot of the lab, zooming out.)
                                       Can't wait for no nastiness

All instruments out except guitar/drums

(Snap to white during the previous line; fade in eventually to the invention sitting on the table.)

Timmy: (from o.s.) It's ready!

(One hand comes into view and grabs it; widen to frame Jimmy holding it with Timmy alongside. The other eight come close.)

Jimmy: Behold: The Neutronic De-Rudinator 9000! One blast to the meanest person from this ray, and they will do nothing but become nice and always nice no matter what!

(Round of applause; cut to Jimmy's Retroville clock chiming 8:00. Timmy gasps.)

Timmy: Oh, no! The bus! We're gonna be late for school!
Jimmy: Don't worry, let's get you to school, first. My classes don't start for a half hour or so.
Cosmo: Wow! Talk about a later school kid!
Timmy: Come on, guys! Let's go!
All others: Yeah!

Swelling guitar chord before first line, then out
All instruments back in, double-time feel

(Cut to the door of Jimmy's clubhouse; it slams open, and the group of eleven emerges; Jimmy and Timmy no longer wear their lab coats.)

All:                            A very nice guy, not hard to beat [HEY]
                                  He'll be special, he'll be sweet [YAY]
(Jimmy pushes the lever to turn on the Dimensional Wormhole; it's vortex screen blazes.)
                                  Can't wait to see the best of he
(Under previous) [Can']
                                  He'll be real nice for you and me [HEY]

(They enter; the camera pans right to show the animation becoming 2D as they get to Dimmsdale. Now they rush down the sidewalk and toward the school.)

All:                            A really special guy, not mean or cruel [NO]
                                  One zap of this and he'll be no fool [WHOA]
(They run through the doors and into the hallways.)
                                  A better teacher for all to see
(Under previous) [He']
                                  He'll be a very nice guy [A very nice guy]
                                  He'll be a very nice guy [A very nice guy]
                                  He'll be a very nice guy
(They stop in the middle of the halls and raise their hands high; zoom out slowly.)
                                  For you and me

Song ends

(Their fun is suddenly put to a halt by the sound of screeching tires, and they peek out the door to investigate. In the distance comes Crocker's fairy hunting van, which screeches into view so its smoke fogs the screen. After it fades away, two scrawny legs step into view, tilting up to Crocker's face as he hisses like a snake. Cut to Jimmy and Timmy and zoom in quickly.)

Jimmy, Timmy: MR CROCKER!!

(They zip inside, and students all over the grounds begin to panic in fear as the scene cuts from one group to another. Cut to just inside the doors; on the start of the next line, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof disguise themselves as Timmy's thermos, backpack and book respectively.)

Jimmy: Yup, your teacher is mean, alright. (he takes out the De-Rudinator.) Good thing we've got the De-Rudinator at our side! (Close-up on it; he continues o.s.) Since you're the one with the mean person here – (Cut to frame them; he hands it to Timmy.) You're going to use it on Mr. Crocker.
Timmy: Cool! Time to make this mountain into a molehill!

(He aims the De-Rudinator on the end of this, and it emits a power up sound in close-up. Jimmy suddenly swats his arm down.)

Jimmy: Wait! Now's not a good time to use it, it could damage his brain! The best way to use The De-Rudinator is when he's grading your pop quizzes and is occupied.
Crocker: (stomps by) Oh, I'm as mean as you know. I know you two are up to something, and it's obviously the work of – (fidgeting) FAIRY GODPARENTS!!! (normal, walks o.s.) See you in class.

(The bell rings, and students begin rushing down the hallway screaming.)

Timmy: That's the bell, I have to go to class, now.
Jimmy: We have to go, too. Just go with your test and wait for my further instructions.
Sheen: Jimmy, come on! Miss Fowl's gonna lay a hard-boiled egg if we're late!
Jimmy: Good luck, Turner.

(Jimmy and the others make their way o.s. as he finishes, and Timmy waves to him.)

Cosmo: Wow, no wonder he's a genius!

(Cut to Miss Fowl's classroom, 3D; classes have already began, and she steps forward. On the chalkboard is graph of high and low tides.)

Miss Fowl: Now, class... (Close-up.) As you can see by this graph, water comes in during high tide, and goes out during low tide.

(She squawks; on the start of the next line, cut to Jimmy, pen scratching every note said.)

Miss Fowl: (from o.s.) The tide changes depending on the season, and also by its sea levels, which...

(Her words are obscured by the following dialogue; on the end of the previous, Jimmy checks his watch. Close-up of it as it opens to reveal a worried Timmy, 2D, at his desk; below him is the time, 9:05:15.)

Jimmy: Good, he's in class. (Cut to frame all of him.) Time to activate desk portal.

(He opens his desk, and the scene cuts to behind him as he zaps the inside with a ray on his watch. A flare expands outward; zoom in and fade to white. Fade in to Crocker's classroom, 2D; Crocker is passing the room handing the terrified students envelopes.)

Crocker: Now class, as you can see, I am handing out your pop quizzes... (Close-up.) which in fact, will count over a large portion of your grade. (He hands some to A.J. and Chester.) Either pass these, or face no recess and lunch every day next week. (He approaches Timmy.) And most importantly, no cheating! (He gets in Timmy's face.) Especially you, Turner, because it's the work of... (fidgets) FAIRY GODPARENTS!!! (normal) And I mean it! (walks off, fidgets) FAIRIES!!!

(Timmy just shrugs, a way of saying "No idea of what you said." Suddenly, his desk rattles; he opens it to reveal Jimmy, sticking his head out. All lines are spoken in whispers until further notice.)

Jimmy: Psst! Turner, it's me.
Timmy: Jimmy? What are you doing here?
Jimmy: Another recent invention of mine, the desk portal.

(On the second half of this line, cut to his desk, 3D; he has stuck his entire upper body through. Back to the boys, 2D.)

Jimmy: You got the De-Rudinator with you?
Timmy: Yup. (He holds it up.) Right here. How do I use it?
Jimmy: It's simple. Just point it at Mr. Crocker, and at just the right moment, press the trigger to fire it.
Timmy: But how will I know when it's the right moment?
Jimmy: I'll give you the signal. (He knocks the desk lid twice, softly.) Got it?
Timmy: I got it.

(The boy genius gives a knowing wink to the buck-toothed boy, who winks back. The next line suddenly snaps them up; normal speaking volume resumes at this point.)

Crocker: (from o.s.) TURNER!

(Wide shot; Jimmy slams the desk closed before Crocker shows up.)

Crocker: You're not talking to your desk, are ya?
Timmy:! Why would I?

(He smiles sheepishly; Crocker just gives an easily-convinced grunt.)

Crocker: Very well. Now, then... (Close-up of Timmy's envelope, he opens it and takes his test sheet out.) You may open your envelopes, and you may begin.

(After he finishes, Timmy places the test before him, and Cosmo, Wanda and Poof appear, disguised as pencils. Timmy aims his eyes up toward Crocker, who sulks his way toward his desk. He then holds up the De-Rudinator in his hand and stares at it, before Crocker suddenly rounds on him.)

Crocker: I'd better not wanna catch any wandering eyes, huh, Turner?

(He goes back to his desk; Timmy picks up Cosmo and begins working hard. Cut to a close-up of the clock, displaying 9:06; it dissolves in time lapses, first to 9:30, then to 10:04. Cut to Timmy, he is finishing just the last bit of work.)

Crocker: (from o.s.) Time's up! (Timmy drops Cosmo; he crosses to the desks again.) I will now collect your quizzes. (He picks up one quiz after the other.) Hope you did good...WHICH I KNOW IS FALSE!

(The last student to have their sheet collected is Timmy; after Crocker goes o.s., we hear two soft knocks from inside the desk. Timmy gasps softly.)

Timmy: The signal! (He holds up the De-Rudinator.) Time to make this mountain into a molehill.

(Close-up of it as he presses the trigger; a power-up sound plays as one by one, the lights begin to flash, finishing with the big light bulb at top. Timmy aims, and it fires a yellow-blue ray out the nozzle. An unsuspecting Crocker sits at his desk, examining the tests when suddenly, the ray engulfs him. After this goes away, he raises his head in sudden realization.)

Crocker: Wait a minute. What am I supposed to be doing with these tests here? This isn't's downright rude of myself! (Stands up) Attention, everyone! I hate say this, but... these pop quizzes early in the morning is not the best of me, so... I've decided to give up on grading and give you all automatic A plusses!

(The entire classroom launches into a round of happy applause; Crocker giggles in reply.)

Crocker: That's right! I'm nice now, and always will be! Have a great day!

(Now the kids get up from their seats and celebrate, balloons and confetti falling down from the ceiling. Timmy's face lights up in a bright smile, the camera zooming in slowly as he looks at the De-Rudinator briefly before giving a look to the camera that means, "Nailed it." Dissolve to the school cafeteria; cut to Timmy, Chester and A.J. having their lunch.)

A.J.: Timmy, that was amazing! I can't believe that ray gun thingy of yours turned Mr. Crocker nice!
Timmy: (holding it up) A simple work of art.
Chester: Where did you get it?
Timmy: Uh...internet?
Chester: (chuckles) Yeah, everyone gets it there. (Timmy takes out his phone.)
Timmy: (quietly) Activate floor portal.

(Comes now the sound of something activating; cut to behind the trio; a small, pink portal has opened precisly behind Timmy.)

A.J.: Whoa. Where did you get that portal?
Timmy: Uh...also internet?
A.J.: As always, they come from it.
Timmy: Yes, they do, A.J.

(He gets out of his seat and hops through; cut to behind Jimmy's table in the Lindbergh School cafeteria, 3D. Jimmy and the others are sitting at the table before; Timmy hops out of the portal behind him.)

Timmy: Neutron! I'm here!
Jimmy: (turns around) Turner! How'd the De-Rudinator work?
Timmy: Just as I hoped it'd be. Mr. Crocker is nice now!
Carl: Wow. I hope he comes over and challenges my dad to a game of Parcheesi.
Sheen: And I bet he'd want to see Ultra Lord with me!
Timmy: You won't believe how many nice things he's done earlier. He told stories to the birds, he's helping the lunch lady with the food, and he's even giving me fondue every once in a while!

(Which gives the cue for Crocker to hop out of the portal, in 3D to match the animation. He holds a tray containing a small bowl of chocolate fondue, with a few strawberries alongside.)

Crocker: Hello, Mr. Turner. Might I offer you some fondue? (He gives it to him.)
Timmy: Thanks, Mr. Crocker!
Crocker: Wouldn't mention it, now that I'm nice!

(He giggles and hops back through the portal, and Timmy crosses over and places the fondue on the table while everyone shares comments of wonder as they each have a taste. Close-up of Cindy and Libby.)

Cindy: Wow. Crocker's like a male version of me going from mean to nice.
Libby: Yeah, even as nice as Grandma Taters is, but this time happy is real! (Cut to Jimmy, zoom out slowly to put Timmy alongside.)
Jimmy: I'm sure he's gonna have a better life now that he's reformed.
Timmy: Jimmy, you are a genius.

(Both boys each taste a fondue-dipped strawberry as they finish. Transition to the exterior of Timmy's house, 2D; the entire group of eleven is here, and Cosmo, Wanda and Poof are back in fairy form. Zoom in slowly.)

Timmy: Thanks, Jimmy. (Close-up.) You and your brain really helped me through it all today.
Jimmy: (blushes) Aww, don't thank me, thank the De-Rudinator. The least you could do is turn to the boy genius and his Brain Blasts.
Timmy: So, Jimmy, I was do you do these "Brain Blasts" you speak of?
Jimmy: Oh, it's simple. Just close your eyes and concentrate.

(Timmy does as told, zoom in slowly. Nothing happens, he reopens both eyes and turns his head to either side.)

Timmy: Yeah, I got nothing.
Cindy: (crossing to Jimmy) You know, Turner, Neutron is the best scientist there ever is.
Timmy: Whoa, Cindy. You look like you're even closer to Jimmy than you think.
Cindy: I am, because we're a pair now.

(Those last four words suddenly throw sudden shock to Timmy's head as the boy genius's former rival rests against one shoulder. Timmy hangs his head slightly, eyes starting to tear slowly.)

Cindy: (from o.s.) Timmy, it's not what you think! (Cut to her.) The reason you two were fighting so much was because of my attention for both of you. Now that I ended up with Neutron...looks like the fight's over.
Timmy: That's okay. Doesn't mean I'm gonna miss spending time with just you. (sniffs)

(He goes over to his doorstep and sits down sadly; all others stare after, Goddard whimpers in turn. Cindy and Jimmy cross over to him, the former sitting down with him.)

Cindy: Look. It's okay. We can still have some fun, but we can be just friends. Neutron and I have grown closer during your absense. And besides, don't you have other love interests you should be focusing on right now?

(Timmy's eyes pop on the end of this, and he instantly snaps back to his usual happy state.)

Timmy: You're right! I was so held up with you, I forgot about wooing the most popular girl in all our school... (He holds out a picture of...) Trixie Tang. I can't believe she always dismisses me all the time.
Jimmy: Maybe someday, if you do the right thing, she'll accept you.
Sheen: (pushing forward) Hey! This isn't a time for standing around! I say we have a celebration in honor of Mr. Crocker turning nice!
Timmy: You know what? (stands up) That's a great idea, and I know the perfect get-together for all of us! (Close-up.) Slumber party at my house!!!

(Widen to frame the entire group as they jump excitedly and cheer. Flip to a slow pan across Timmy's bedroom, the kids are here in their sleepwear: Two-piece pajamas for Jimmy/Timmy/Cosmo/Carl, one-piece "footie" pajamas for Sheen/Poof, nightgowns for Cindy/Libby/Wanda, a full-length set for Sparky. The girls wear slippers, and Cosmo and Sparky wear nightcaps; Timmy has removed his hat. As for activities: Jimmy and Timmy sit on the latter's bed while the former shows an invention; Cosmo and Sheen play a video game; Carl pets Sparky; Poof sits next to Goddard; Libby braids Cindy's hair while Wanda watches.)

Carl: Oh, I love slumber parties! (Close-up.) Especially the part where we get together and have fun!

(Pan towards the hair-braiding session; now Wanda stands before the two girls, holding a camera.)

Wanda: Smile and say "Nice!"
Cindy, Libby: Nice!

(A flash, and the picture of both smiling girls is taken. Zoom in slowly, then cut to them as Wanda comes over.)

Libby: Come on, Wanda, your turn!
Wanda: Aww, you want me to try? (She sits down; Libby starts her hair work.) I've never had a human girl do my hair before.
Libby: I took five months of hair styling.

(Both laugh; cut to the video game showdown, shown from behind, and zoom in slowly. The game they are playing is a 2D version of "Ultra Lord vs. Robo Fiend Mega Battle" from "Ultra Sheen"; while the console they're playing it on is a V-Cube, the console Timmy played with in "Odd Ball". Zoom in slowly and cut to a close-up of them as they speak.)

Sheen: You're going down, Robo Feind!
Cosmo: Not if I can help it, Ultra Lord!

(They continue facing off; cut to Jimmy and Timmy on the bed, the former's backpack is between them.)

Timmy: So that's the Shrink Ray, right?
Jimmy: Mmm-hmm. It even grows things.

(During this, one hand in a pink sleeved PJ sleeve reaches into the backpack and exposes the Hypno Beam in close-up.)

Timmy: What does this do again? (Widen to frame Jimmy.)
Jimmy: No! Don't touch that! That's the Hypno R –

(But before he could get any more words out, the ray is activated, and it does its work. In close-up, Jimmy's entire body falls loose as it faces forward, eyes becoming red/white spirals. Zoom out as Timmy crawls over and taps him, making him rock slightly.)

Timmy: Neutron? Hel-loooo? What were you going to say?
Carl: I think he was trying to say that was the Hypno Beam, which causes anyone to fall under your control.
Timmy: My control? Cool! (He jumps in front of Jimmy, speaks in a spooky voice) Attention, Jimmy Neutron, you are now under my control. I command you to... (pauses) Dance like a chicken before everyone in this very room!
Jimmy: (salutes, robotically) Yes, master.

(He jumps off the bed and slinks over to the center of the room, then begins clucking while acting like a chicken. All eyes turn toward the crazy act, and one by one each visitor reacts with uncontrollable laughter. Then the buck-toothed boy snaps a finger, causing Jimmy to stop and shake his head. His eyes return to normal, and he groans.)

Jimmy: For a second, I thought I was a chicken. Was I?

(Comes now is the sound of a door opening o.s., and both boys turn in its direction.)

Mr. Turner: (from o.s.) Hey, kids! (Cut to him at the door, holding a huge box of pizza.) The pizza's here!

(He sets it on the floor, and six hungry kids come rocketing over as they chatter excitedly; in close-up, they open it and take out a piece for each one. As they begin munching, cut to Cosmo, Wanda and Poof, as goldfish in their bowl.)

Cosmo: Hey! Why didn't I get a slice?! (Zoom out framing the whole room.) You kids should learn to share!
Mr. Turner: And also, some fondue, curtsoy of Mr. Crocker.

(He lays out that entree in close-up on the end of this, it is the same fondue with strawberries from earlier. Zoom out framing the kids.)

Kids: Yay, fondue!

(They start munching; cut to outside the house; it is nighttime.)

Cosmo: (from inside) Save some for me!

(The sound of munching dies out as the moon above dissolves to a higher point in the sky; at the same time, all the lights in the windows are out. Cut to a slow pan through Timmy's room; all the kids have turned in. Carl, Sheen, Cindy and Libby are in sleeping bags; Sparky and Goddard are in dog beds; Cosmo, Wanda and Poof are in their fishbowl; Timmy is in his bed with Jimmy at the far edge in a blanket and pillow. Cut from one sleeper to the next; Timmy being the last. The silence is suddenly broken by an o.s. knock; this sound causes Timmy to screw up his eyes and groan tiredly, Jimmy following suit. Cut to a wide shot of the two sleepers, they open their eyes and sit up slowly.)

Jimmy: What's going on?
Crocker: (from o.s., slightly muffled) Psst, Turner! Over here!

(They slowly turn their heads towards the window; cut to that, Mr. Crocker is knocking on it softly. Cut to outside as the boys approach and open it halfway.)

Crocker: Hello, Timmy, and Timmy's friend! (He holds up some fondue.) Fondue?
Timmy: Crocker, why aren't you in bed? It's 2:30 in the morning!
Jimmy: It's too early!
Crocker: But you're the greatest boys in all the land! After all, you are the best.

(Close-up of both boys; as Crocker continues, they look at each other, then Timmy rolls his eyes while Jimmy shakes his head slowly.)

Crocker: (from o.s.) I understand how tired you are, but it doesn't matter to me! (Back to him on the end of this.) Since I'm nice now, you should consider inviting me over for your slumber parties!
Timmy: Why should we?
Crocker: Aww, come on! Maybe you should consider me moving in from now on! (to Jimmy) How 'bout I move in with you? (to Timmy) Or you? Doesn't matter!
Timmy: No! It's too late, and we need our sleep!
Jimmy: You need your sleep too, Crocker!
Crocker: But I'm nice! You should consider me as a friend!

(They slam the window shut, and Crocker falls back because of this, revealing he was standing on a ladder to get up to the window. He crashes o.s., and screams in turn. Close-up of him, his next words not only mark him as nice, but still crazy enough to get what he wants.)

Crocker: Oh, they rejected me, alright. No matter what I try, I have to get what I deserve.

(On the end of this, the background dissolves to the Crocker Cave; he paces the ground.)

Crocker: I'm nice, and nice enough to get anything I want, so others can be around me as long as they need to!

Ominous, thumping woodwind melody, leisurely 4
A minor, shifting to B minor once the lyrics begin

Crocker:                        They have always once told me back
                                      All I did was be real bad
                                      My worst day has changed for me
                                      And there's no need to be mad

(He walks over to a calender and inspects it.)

                      But I don't care how long this takes
                                      For a man to get what he needs


                      And I won't stop where I am

All instruments out

                      They'll listen real hard for my pleas
Crocker: Hit it!

Saxophone for four bars, drums/brass in; Jazz feel, faster tempo

(A huge staircase rises out of the floor, various female dancers decked out in saloon girl costumes begin dancing can-cans. Crocker proceeds forward, now wearing the disco-esque suit he wore after being hypnotized into not believing in fairies in "Crocker Shocker". He does a few moves before singing again.)

Crocker:                        So my journey begins
                                      And my story never ends
                                      I will get what I want [He'll get what he wants]
                                      Whatever I hope for
                                      That's what I'll go for
                                      It's how my subject depends [How his subject depends]

                      I'll never stop til I get my reward
                                      I'm sure it goes just fine [Go just fine]
                                      Soon, whatever I need [Whatever he needs...]
                                      Will be mine
                                      Mine, all mine

Drums out, bass/synth in

                      [He'll get his desire
                                      He'll get his wish
                                      No matter how hard he'll try]

Crocker: That's right!

                      [He's nice enough to win
                                      He's good enough to pass
                                      He's convinced enough to shoot for the sky]

Crocker: What they said!

                      [Soon, he'll go for the gold]
Crocker:                        I'm gonna make my goal
                                      Make my goal

Swelling synth chord in time with previous line
All instruments in (C flat minor)

Crocker:                        So my journey begins
                                      And my story never ends
                                      I will get what I want [He'll get what he wants]
                                      Whatever I hope for
                                      That's what I'll go for
                                      It's how my subject depends [How his subject depends]

                      I'll never stop til I get my reward
                                      I'm sure it goes just fine [Go just fine]
                                      Soon, whatever I need [Whatever he needs...]
                                      Will be mine
                                      Mine, all mine

Crocker:                        Mine
                                      Yes, mine
                                      All mine, mine, mine, mine
                                      Mine, mine, mine, mine

Final saxophone solo, with synth chord

Crocker: Yes! It's going to be all mine!

(He finishes with a crazy laughter; snap to black.)

Song ends on a stinger

Act Three

(Opening shot; fade in to a close-up of Crocker's laughing mouth and zoom out to frame all of him. He finally calms down and drinks some water, before wiping his forehead.)

Crocker: Phew. That was a good number, the 4-minute laugh at the end really gets to it. Okay, girls! You can go home, now.

(Zoom out on the end of this, forming the entire group of tired showgirls.)

One of the girls: Finally. Come on, girls.

(They make their way o.s.; close-up of Crocker, beginning to scheme.)

Crocker: Now, to make my mark.

(He starts snickering as he makes his way over to a cannon-like weapon in a glass case. He smashes it and takes it out, and arms with it as he snickers. Cut to outside the house and tilt upwards quickly until we reach Fairy World; the fairies are doing about their business. Jorgen, who is watching, suddenly twitches slightly.)

Female fairy: Strangle, what's the matter?
Jorgen: I don't know. (Close-up.) I feel a big disturbance, a disturbance so powerful, someone is plotting something somewhere.

(Cut back to a laughing Crocker, still armed with the cannon.)

Crocker: Yes, with my new absorption cannon, I can absorb the energy of anything I want! And just about enough of this is enough for me to get what I want, when I want!

(He laughs again; fade to black, and up on the exterior of Timmy's house; it is now daytime. Cut to the living room as the entire group of eleven descends the stairs; Jimmy has put his backpack on, and the magical creatures float behind them.)

Timmy: Now that Mr. Crocker is nice, there's no knowing what nice things he'll do!
Jimmy: Besides waking us up in the middle of the night?
Timmy: Just about that.
Mr. Turner: (from o.s.) Timmy! Timmy's friend!

(The fairies disappear in clouds reading "Hide!", except Sparky who lands on the ground. Mr. and Mrs. Turner walk up to them.)

Mr. Turner: Did you enjoy your sleepover last night?
Timmy: Of course we did! Mr. Crocker woke us up late, though.
Mrs. Turner: I sure hope you saved some fondue for us.
Mr. Turner: And I bet he'll get us some more any minute.

(Mr. Turner suddenly leans forward, noticing something; close-up of Jimmy and Timmy for a moment, then cut to frame all three of them.)

Mr. Turner: Hey! You each have the same blue eyes! And the same brown hair! (Close-up of them; he continues o.s.) And I bet you each have the same personalities, though the large-headed one is smarter. Anywho... (Cut to he and Mrs. Turner.) The missus and I have to go next door to steal back my lawn mower collection from the Dinklebergs.
Mrs. Turner: He left them on the sidewalk, and Dinkleberg kept them, thinking they were given to them as a present.

(WD to Mr. Turner sitting on the front doorstep reading a newspaper; the next line snaps him up.)

Dinkleberg: (from o.s.) Hey, Turner! (Cut to him with a lawn mower.) Thanks for the lawn mowers! Now the missus and I can do twice as much yard work!

(Zoom out on the end of this; they begin to work. Cut back to Mr. Turner, anger building up.)

Mr. Turner: (angrily, to himself) Dinkleberg...
(The background around him dissolves back to the living room; zoom out to frame Mrs. Turner standing alongside.)

Mrs. Turner: While we're out, Vicky will be here to watch you safely. Have fun!
Mr. Turner: You're so gonna get it, Dinkleberg!

(Only after both parents made their way out the door does Timmy suddenly stares forward in a state of shock, before entering full freakout mode.)


(The ending of this sentence has him grab onto Jimmy's shirt and pull him so close in fact, their noses touch. The others are confused, Jimmy breaks free.)

Jimmy: Only the meanest babysitter to treat you like you're just a boulder?

(Comes now the sound of the door banging, and all eyes turn toward it. Front-on view of the door, which falls down to reveal Vicky as she steps forward.)

Vicky: That's right! I, Vicky the babysitter, am here to watch you twerps like there's no tomorrow!

(All scream, Goddard whimpers in fear.)

Timmy: Uh...If you'll excuse us, we... (gulps) Have to go outside and get some fresh air?
Jimmy: Yup, kids coming through! (Vicky stomps one foot into view to block them.)
Vicky: No one's going anywhere! I'm here to torture you!

(On "torture", she brings out a chainsaw and fire gun from behind her back, and cackles while lightning crashes behind her. Slow pan across the horrified cavalcade, stopping on Jimmy and Timmy, the latter whispering to the former for a moment, before he nods and grins. Timmy reaches into the backpack and exposes the Hypno Beam from last night.)

Vicky: Oh, what is that? You're not gonna force me to let you go, are ya?
Timmy: (grinning) Actually, I think that's just what we're doing.

(He faces the Hypno Beam toward the screen as he finishes, and it starts spinning while emitting its yellow shockwave. Vicky tries to resist, but is instantly under the ray's control, eyes becoming spirals and entire body falling loose. As soon as the babysitter has become completely still, the shockwave disappears, and Timmy steps forward.)

Timmy: Vicky, I command you to... (mumbles for a moment) Take a swim in any dumpster you can find!
Vicky: (salutes, robotically) With pleasure, master.

(She walks out of the house, and the others follow. Cut to a fence as they peek over one by one; Cosmo, Wanda, Poof and Sparky have joined them. Zoom out, framing Vicky taking a swim in a dumpster beside the house next door; slow pan across them as they laugh hilariously.)

Sheen: Wow! It's like she's a professional Dumpster Diver, only clumsier!

(We suddenly hear the sound of screeching; from down the bend Crocker's van comes into view. It stops, and everyone gathers, the fairies disguising themselves as flowers. Out comes Crocker, standing tall, voice sounding friendly as before, but with a slight hint of strangeness.)

Crocker: Hello again, Timmy, and Timmy's friend! I am so looking forward to the many things you're up to today!

(He gives a crazy looking smile and bats his eyes in turn; Timmy and Jimmy cross forward suspiciously.)

Timmy: Crocker, you don't sound as nice as usual. I mean, you are nice, but...something's strange around you.
Crocker: What makes you think that?
Jimmy: Didn't you already wake us up in the middle of the night to give us some fondue?
Crocker: Yes! (He holds out a plate of it.) Want some?
Timmy: (swats it away) No, what we do want is proof!

(He stomps forward on the end of this, and the De-Rudinator affected teacher looks down at him, the bespectacled teal eyes training downwards at the stern blue ones...and he instantly snaps back to his happy manner.)

Crocker: Proof? There's no need for that, I'm nice, now! The least you could do is have me move in with you.
Timmy: Move in?! NO! (to Jimmy) That's what he asked us last night.
Jimmy: We know something's wrong with you, Crocker! Reveal it! And no, you won't be moving in with me either.

(Close-up of Cindy as she stomps forward; pan from one child to the next as they speak.)

Cindy: Or me!
Sheen: Or me!
Libby: Or me!
Carl: Or me! Why not?

(Back to Crocker; he suddenly breaks his usual happy demanor with the next line.)

Crocker: SILENCE! (Sudden gasps from everyone.) Let's just cut to the chase: You will give me what I want, when I want! I want to move in with one of you!
Jimmy, Timmy: Never!
Crocker: Fine, you leave choice!!!

(Out comes his absorption cannon from last night; he fires it in close-up, and the star-shaped light on the front lights up. He aims it over at the Dinklebergs' house; in close-up, the cannon emits a piercing blue ray accompanied by a shockwave. The ray goes toward Mr. Turner and Dinkleberg, the former standing next to a huge group of lawn mowers aside; close-up of them.)

Mr. Turner: Now to show Dinkleberg who's the boss!

(Right before he could pull the chord on one of them, the ray hits every one of them, and a small, bit of red is sucked away from them and follows the path of the ray. It retreats, and Mr. Turner finally pulls the cord...but no engine sounds come out. Dinkleberg bursts into a loud laughter, and all Mr. Turner could do is stare angrily and growl in turn. Meanwhile, the ray with the absorbed lawn mower powers retreats its way back into the cannon, and Crocker smiles with delight and snickers as in a wide shot, the same energy is emitted from a small chute on the back which bathes him slightly.)

Timmy: What did you just do to Dad's lawn mower collection?
Crocker: Good that you asked. Using by absorption cannon, I absorbed the strength and density of your dad's lawn mowers, and I will use that power to become almighty and powerful! That way, I'll be so powerful, you'll be forced to be my slaves, so you can get me what I want!

(He begins cackling again; Jimmy begins to put it all together.)

Jimmy: "Almighty and powerful"... (gasps) You don't mean "mad with power", do ya?
'Crocker: Oh, yes. I do mean "mad with power", and when I mean mad, I mean REALLY MAD, 'WITH LOTS OF IT TO SPARE!!! (He starts laughing all over again; everyone stares in shock as they look on in horror. Cut to a close-up of the disguised fairies.)

Cosmo: "Mad with power"? That can only mean one thing!
Wanda: Crocker has turned into a megalomaniac!
Cosmo: Megalomaniac? That's a silly word! Poof: Megalomaniac!

(Both he and Poof launch into hilarious laughter before Wanda slaps her petals on them to silent them. Tilt up to Jimmy, brain at work again.)

Jimmy: "Megalomaniac"... (gasps) As in "Megalomanium"! Come on, guys, I think there's been a terrible mix-up with the De-Rudinator! TO THE LAB!!!

(As he finishes, he hurries o.s.; Goddard barks and follows after, followed by Cindy, Libby, Carl and Sheen. Timmy scoops up the fairy-flowers and hurries along, Sparky following. Cut to the portal as one by one, each kid jumps through and disappears from sight. Transition to the table in Jimmy's lab, 3D, as the De-Rudinator is laid flat. Zoom out slowly to frame Jimmy and Timmy, both wearing their lab coats. The former runs a scanning device over it for a moment and examines it; close-up of the screen as it shows a warning icon.)

Jimmy: (from o.s.) It's worse than I thought.

Act Four

Act Five