• Happy2432

    [Note: When the episode transitions from 2D to 3D and vise versa, it will be noted. In addition, the usual atom transitions have stars in the center reflecting the theme. Also, background vocals are in square brackets.]

    [WD = Wavering dissolve.]


    (Opening shot: Iris in to the exterior of Lindbergh Elementary. Close-up on the doors; they slam open as the kids run out and cheer. After they have gone, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen make their way out themselves.)

    Jimmy: Man, that was the best school day ever! Wasn't it?
    Sheen: It sure was! I can't believe we had a pop quiz on the history of Ultra Lord, and I was the only one who got 100%!
    Carl: I enjoyed the lunch special in the cafeteria, today was roasted brussel sprouts with melted garlic butter an…

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