On the night of Febuary 10th,2013,I had a weird dream about Planet Sheen. It was about Sheen and Nesmith getting ready to leave Zeenu on their repaired rocket. They are even taking Doppy!

My dream started with Doppy boarding the ship (while "More Than A Feeling" by Boston played,possibly from Madagascar 2). Mr. and Mrs.Doppy tell him they will miss him. Mr. Doppy asks if he can come along, but Doppy replies with a rude "goodbye. "Doppy's parents ask Sheen if he has everything he needs.Nesmith tells them yes, Sheen does. He lists some stuff packed, and Nesmith also says, "And the banana cream pie sticking to the door." On the door is a picture of my robot Cletus and his friend. (How did that get there?) Sheen turns to the picture and says "Ooh!" And the dream ends there!

I know it sounded weird,but it was interesting. If I dream about Part 2, I'll write another blog about it.

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