Ultra Sheen

Episode 13B
Season 1
Airdate February 17, 2003
Invention The Neturonic Game Pyramid
Previous Party at Neutron's
Next Broadcast Blues

Ultra Sheen is an episode of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius


It's a sunny day in Retroville and Sheen and Carl are arguing about where baloney comes from. Landing next to the two, Goddard opens his mouth out comes Jimmy's voice. Sheen and Carl think that Goddard has swallowed Jimmy, but the genius tells them that he is on speaker phone from the lab. He then tells his friends that he has created a new invention they will love and to come over and bring their favorite video game. Sheen opens the door almost immediately afterward and is told by Jimmy that his device lets the user be a player in their game! He inserts his favorite game, "Ultra Lord vs. Robo-Fiend Mega Battle". 

Sheen is eager to start playing the game, but Jimmy warns him that his new device is a prototype, and if Sheen is sent into the game, his only way out is to win a single level. Soon Sheen is sent into the video game, but is easily defeated by Robo-Fiend, who burns up Ultra Lord and drills Sheen into the ground. Jimmy resets the game and arrives to help Sheen (leaving the computer unguarded). Luckily, Sheen defeats Robo-Fiend by turning him off and Ultra Lord sends him flying up into the air. 

Back in the real world, Carl infiltrates the lab and thinks that Sheen and Jimmy are really CPU's in the game, so he resets the game to Level 7. Robo-Fiend becomes even stronger and attacks the duo and they try to tell Carl to stop, and that they're really in trouble, but Carl doesn't believe them and he uses atomic breath to kill Ultra Lord. Jimmy and Sheen realize that they can only defeat Robo-Fiend and get back home if they get a power boost from an Ultra Crystal. 

While Sheen distracts Robo-Fiend, Jimmy finds an Ultra Crystal, but Robo-Fiend grabs it instead and transforms into Mega Robo Fiend. In the real world, Carl inserts his game "Llamapalooza" inside the pyramid and is transported inside the video game world. Just as Mega Robo-Fiend is about to finish Sheen off, Jimmy finds another Ultra Crystal and throws it to Sheen, who transforms into Mega Ultra Sheen. 

Mega Ultra Sheen and Robo-Fiend face off in a battle, using their new powers, but they are too evenly matched. Luckily, Ultra Sheen knows Robo Fiend's one true weakness: the European director's cut of Ultra Lord episode 317 revealed that Robo-Fiend is lactose intolerant. Sheen grabs a llama and sprays milk onto Robo-Fiend's face, thereby causing him to run in agony and then explode in the distance. After Robo-Fiend blows up, Ultra Lord zooms in and says "Join us next time on a never-ending battle against...evil!" then gets crushed by Robo Fiend's head and yells "arrgh!" Then Jimmy and Sheen get home and decide to leave Carl in the game till after lunch and as they leave Sheen asks Jimmy if he has any baloney.


  • "Taste llama milk, star destroyer!" - Sheen.
  • "No! No! I'm allergic! No!" - Robo-Fiend (runs off and explodes in the distance)
  • "Hey, look at me. I'm Head Growing Out Of The Ground Man!" - Sheen (after losing the game)


  • In the title card, the words "ULTRA SHEEN" are in the exact same font and color as the Sega logo.
  • Sheen says this episodes title in the Planet Sheen episode, Cutting the Ultra-Cord
  • When Jimmy and Sheen try to tell Carl that they're in danger, Ultra Lord's energy and shield bars appear to be empty.
  • When the camera cuts to show the disk for Sheen's game, Sheen is covering up a "T". The "T" is a reference of the ESRB rating, "T for Teens". All of Carl's games have an "E" on it, "E for Everyone". Unlike real life, the letters are lowercase instead of capitals. This was probably done to avoid copyright violation. 
  • The Neutronic Game Pyramid is a spoof of the Nintendo Gamecube


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