Thomas Edison is an inventor, who made a more practical way of distributing electricity. As a child, he asked many questions. One of his most famous quotes is "I haven't failed; I've just found a thousand ways that won't work." he was born in Menlo Park.


He appeared in "The Big Pinch", when Jimmy brought Mr. Edison to the present time to prove something to Cindy. Edison catches sight of Miss Fowl, and they date for the episode. But since Jimmy brought Edison to the present, electric objects began to disappear since Jimmy "erased the father of electricity from history". To get them to break-up, Jimmy makes a walky-talky with a speaker that makes him sound like Edison. He has Goddard eat the speaker, and they go to the park, where Edison and Fowl are at. Edison begins to tell Miss Fowl a poem he wrote, but Jimmy interrupts, saying insults in Edison's voice. A squirrel catches sight of Jimmy's head and thinks he's a huge acorn, so the squirrel bites Jimmy. Edison finds the walky-talky and speaks in it after Jimmy fell out of the tree. He then explains to Edison he must send him back to 1899 to prevent every electric object in the world from disappearing. He asks Miss Fowl if she wants to marry him, but she says she's not the marrying kind, so he decides to go home. 

He is mentioned in Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion by Jimmy when he says that he has brought Mr. Edison back in reply to BTSO's professor Crank's sarcasm.

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