The Retroville 9

The title card for The Retroville 9.

Episode 3a
Season 2
Airdate October 3, 2003
Invention Neutronized Baseball Bats and Mitts
Previous Sorry, Wrong Era
Next Grumpy Young Men

"The Retroville 9" is a first segment of a 3rd. episode from Season 2 of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.


Jimmy's determination to captain a winning baseball team leads him to rev up the equipment with Neutronic technology. When the team unexpectedly reaches the World Championship, Jimmy has a crisis of conscience. At the game, a professional baseball player gives heartfelt speech about practice, skills, and teamwork, which makes Jimmy even more guilty. Jimmy tells his friends what he did and apologizes. They decide to play fairly and to start believing in themselves, but sadly, they lose without scoring a single point (due to the fact that they have no skills and never practiced, whatsoever). After deciding to give up baseball, they go see Bonzilla live, where Sheen gets burned to a crisp after insulting the lizard for his size and asks Jimmy what the Japanese word for ambulance is before passing out.



Ms. Fowl: Ball three!!
Sheen: Ball!?! That was right down the middle! I've seen better calls at a square dance!!
Ms. Fowl: Jimmy's throwing lollipops! The day he throws down Broadway is the day I dance on the moon!!
Tremendous Jackson: Somewhere in the Rytridian Galaxy, Ultra Lord weeps. (walks away)
Sheen: There's only one thing we can do. (Scene cuts to the kids seeing Bonzilla in a cage) Bonzilla? What a rip-off! He's  a pipsqueak, he probably couldn't hurt a fly! (Bonzilla sets Sheen on fire with his fire breath) AAAAHHHH!!! Jimmy, what's the Japanese word for ambulance?


  • First appearance of the running gag about Carl's scapula.
  • For unknown reasons, Nick is not on any of the teams.
  • The baseball players, whose skills Jimmy downloaded into the gloves and bats were Babe Ruth, Mark McGuire and Barry Bonds. Coincidentally, the latter two were later revealed to be cheaters as well.
  • When Jimmy wears his baseball hat, you'll notice that he really is the shortest kid in class. 
  • Butch is cheering for Jimmy's team going to Japan, even though he hates Jimmy and lost to him.
  • This is the second time Jimmy creates a baseball bat. The first was in Carl Squared.
  • Bonzilla is seen again as an audience member in Win Lose and Kaboom!
  • This is similar to the book, Jimmy Strikes Out.


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