The League of Villains is an alliance of villains that teamed up to destroy Jimmy. King Goobot created this organization by joining several villains that had been defeated by Jimmy in the past, some more than once. Their meeting place was at The Junkman's ship.

The group was formed in the episode of the same name. By the end of the episode, Zix, Travoltron, and Tee had quit the alliance, and the rest were trapped in the past.

In the cancelled season four, there would've been an overarching story about the villains rebuilding their evil organization and planning the final blow to Jimmy. Had that come to be, Jimmy, his friends and all the allies he made throughout the course of the series would've battled them in the planned series finale. However, since DNA Productions went out of business, it's presumed that they are still trapped in prehistory and it makes this their official defeat (though Calamitous and Beautiful Gorgeous would both make one more appearance later on).




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