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The Junkman is an antagonist in the series. 


The Junkman is an obese extraterrestrial life form with four skinny arms, and olive green colored abnormal skin. Despite his grotesque appearance, his teeth are square and perfectly white. He has not much facial hair, only having three hairs on his chin. His eyelids appear to be swollen and overlap his eyes. His hair is quite in sorry shape, given that all he's got braided dark brown hair on the sides, with none covering the top, giving him a bald spot. He wears a dirty beige shirt with an embroidered letter "J" on it, possibly meant to stand for "Junkman."

His top arms have two plain black wristbands on each; however, his bottom right arm has a spiked black bracelet, whereas his bottom left arm has a wristwatch, which was possibly stolen from Earth, for he is an alien life form, so him manufacturing human technology is unlikely.

He dons plain white shorts, and has two skinny legs, the left being made of metal, possibly implying that he has lost a leg and used one of his pieces of scrap metal to manufacture a prosthetic leg for himself. His legs have feet with two toes on each of them, with black pointy toenails. His prosthetic left foot has a metal boot, with the toes sticking out. His other foot is bare, with a spiked shin guard right above it.


The Junkman runs a shady business collecting space garbage throughout the galaxy. He is very greedy and would do anything for money, including selling his own mother and even killing people. He also fell madly in love with Beautiful Gorgeous thanks to Jimmy's love potion.


  • The Junkman is still in the Late Cretaceous period with the other villains. 
  • He gets his name from the 1982 film of the same name.
  • He couldn't put a price on his mother when he sold her, so he took the best offer.
  • He bears a resemblance to the yautja from the Predator franchise.
  • Junkman shares a name with the Robot Master Junk Man from the game Mega Man 7 for the Super Nintendo.
  • He also makes numerous cameo appearances in Win, Lose and Kaboom!, and Best in Show.



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