The Great Egg Heist
The Great Egg Heist

The Title Card for The Great Egg Heist

Episode 13a
Season 2
Airdate March 10, 2004
Previous Send in the Clones
Next The Feud

The Great Egg Heist is the first segment of the 13th episode in season two of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.


Jimmy is contacted by a well-dressed Asian lady known as Princess Quin Shi Su, Last heir the Quin Dynasty (but her friends call her "Peggy"). Jimmy must retrieve an Egg-Drop Jade that has an unstable atomic structure which can channel near-infinite levels of raw energy. Her brother Su has built a doomsday device and wishes to use it to enslave the world. 

The egg is in the Retroville Museum, heavily guarded. Jimmy must secure the egg before Peggy's evil brother steals it and has his friends help him. Sheen distracts the security guards while the rest break in. Libby uses her high note to shatter the glass and malfunction the some of the security cameras, Cindy deactivates the laser trip-wire, but when Goddard is unable to lower Jimmy down cause his circuits were damaged from Libby's high note, Carl is sent to replace the egg with a fake one, rather than Jimmy. However, Carl sneezes and he accidentally mixes up the eggs, and guesses on which egg he leaves and which he takes. Sheen accidentally alerts the guards that he was supposed to be distracting to the presence of the rest of the group. Goddard disables one of the guards. They catch up to Libby who was almost about to pass out from sub staining her high note, and the group escapes. When they return what they believe to be the real egg to the Princess, she reveals herself to be Professor Calamitous. He attempts to use the egg, but finds that the egg is actually the fake one, causing a catastrophic meltdown like all the common crystals he had previously tried using, and sends him flying through the air saying, "I'll get you Jimmy Neutron!" Carl explains what happened and Jimmy and the others are proud of him for saving the day.


  • Cindy and Libby meet Professor Calamitous for the first time.
  • Libby gets jealous when Sheen flirts with the princess.
  • When Cindy says, "Sheen should be distracting the guards right about now," the captions read "The guards should be distracted right about now."
  • Halo Program 7A shows Betty Quinlan blowing kisses and the princess' brother (possibly Professor Calamitous) using a doomsday device.
  • Princess Quin Shi Su is dressed in real life Chinese Qing Dynasty inspired attire and the egg could be inspired by Qing Dynasty era artifacts that are still prized to this day.
  • This is the first episode Professor Calamitous uses a human disguise. This second will be Lights! Camera! Danger!.
  • Although this episode was released in 2004, you can actually see "Copyright 2003 Viacom International, Inc." at the end of the credits. This means that the episode was produced in 2003.


Sheen: What's the password?

Cindy: No one gave us any stupid password, Sheen! We were just told to show up.

Sheen: Then how do I know you're really Cindy and Libby?

Libby: (sings high note)

Sheen: Okay, okay, stop! I believe you! You're Libby! But how do I know you're Cindy?

Cindy: Just open the stupid door!

Sheen: Yep, that's you. (opens door)

Sheen: (watching the video monitors) Every channel has the same stupid show, "Intruders on Level Three". It won't last two seasons."

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