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The Emperor is the ruler of Zeenu and a supporting character in Planet Sheen.

Official Description

"The Emperor is a jolly purple lump who couldn't be happier to have Sheen on Planet Zeenu. In the Emperor's eyes, Sheen is the mythological bearer of peace, prosperity and joy whose arrival is foretold in the Book of Great Goodness. When he sees what the Earthling is capable of, the Emperor not only promotes Sheen to top advisor, but he also tries to set him up with Princess Oom, his daughter."

Physical Appearance

Emperor is a purple glob. He wears a big red robe and a yellow undershirt. His pants are orange, and his crown is gold.


Pompous and grandiose, but also childlike and unpredictable, the Emperor constantly seeks Sheen’s advice, believing Sheen is amazing and brilliant. The Emperor is insatiably curious about this visitor from another planet and pesters him with questions about earth and its history and customs. However, he also punishes people with executions, even for the smallest things.


  • In the original premise for the series, the Emperor was going to be evil and would've ruled Zeenu with an iron fist. If that had come to be, the show would've focused on Sheen being a double agent.