The Boy Next Dorkus
The Boy Next Dorkus

The title card for "The Boy Next Dorkus".

Episode 2B
Season 1
Airdate October 9, 2010
Previous Is This Cute?
Next What's Up, Chock?

The Boy Next Dorkus is the second segment of episode two of Planet Sheen as a part of season one.


Sheen throws a party the same day Dorkus does.


Dorkus's house is finally repaired, but to his shock, Sheen moves in right next to him. And worse, Sheen might completely sabotage Dorkus's classy party with his wild party. All of Dorkus's party guests leave for Sheen's, so Dorkus plots to give Sheen a "cluster", a Zeenuian bomb, as a present (so he can blow up Sheen's house and Sheen himself). After Pinter touches the cluster, Dorkus's house is destroyed again, leaving Dorkus in a cloud of smoke, but it also leaves Sheen and the others with a great fireworks display.


  • Tronald Dump is obviously the Zeenuian version of Donald Trump.
  • For some reason, Aseefa isn't at the party even though Sheen said he was inviting all his Zeenuian friends. 
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