Terry Finster was the school bully who appeared in Safety First, The Retroville 9, Return of the Nanobots, and Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinators!.


Terry was first mentioned by Jimmy while he was taking two lunch bags to school. The reason he was taking two lunch bags was to trick Terry into thinking he ruined Jimmy's lunch. The first appearance of Terry was when he was bullying Jimmy. Jimmy hid his 2nd bag and gave the other one to Terry. Then Terry squashed it. Jimmy almost fooled Terry, but Carl accidentally revealed that Jimmy had a second bag. Then Terry forced Jimmy to give up the 2nd bag, and proceeded to squash it. Later, Jimmy said that after taking Cindy's advice Terry beat him up.

The next day, Terry approached Jimmy and demanded to him to give up his lunch. However, instead of giving a lunch bag, Jimmy Neutron introduced his new anti-bullying device; The Nanobots. The Nanobots then defended Jimmy by attacking Terry, but soon the nanobots went overboard by attacking everyone else. Jimmy outwits the Nanobots by attacking himself, causing them to overload, since they cannot protect him from himself.

After the Nanobots where taken care of, Jimmy told his parents that Terry moved away and went to a different school. Judy replied, "there'll be other Terrys". As Jimmy's parents thought that Terry was a girl, what Judy actually meant is that there will be other girls, not more bullies!

Even though Terry supposedly moved to a different school, he appeared again as a background character in The Retroville 9.

Physical appearance

Terry is a tall boy with brown hair in a military buzzcut and a brown unibrow, his middle tooth is missing and he seems to have wider ears than those of the other characters. He wears a green shirt with the sleeves going up to his shoulder and leaving his rear exposed, he also wears dark blue pants and white shoes. Terry appears to be muscular but also appears to be overweight. He has green eyes and a thin voice, which is unusual for his size.



  • In "Safety First", Hugh and Judy thought Terry was a girl because of such an ambiguous name and that Jimmy had a crush on 'her'.
  • Terry shares the same last name with Chuckie Finster, another Nickelodeon character.
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