Safety First

Episode 11A
Season 1
Airdate November 30, 2002
Invention The Nanobots
Previous Substitute Creature
Next Crime Sheen Investigation

"Safety First" is the first segment of the eleventh episode of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.


A bully named Terry Finster has been giving Jimmy a rough time and stealing his lunch lately, and then he's had it. Rather than go to the proper authorities, Jimmy creates an electronic bodyguard piloted by Nanobots. Unfortunately, the Nanobots get a little overzealous; the Jim-Tech helps Jimmy's situation but it mistakes his friends for bullies and his friends become petrified of him. 


(Terry has just stolen both of Jimmy's lunches, squashing the other one.)
Libby: Jimmy, don't put up with that!! You have to tell a teacher!!
Cindy: Or your parents. Even you shouldn't have to deal with a vicious bully on a daily basis!!

Jimmy: And so then, he filled my backpack with glue and used my stomach for bongo practice.
Carl: Wow. What are you gonna do?
Jimmy: The one thing I do better than all the Terry Finsters put together.
Sheen: Cry and beg for mercy?
Jimmy: No, put science to work. Where there's a lab there's a way.

Jimmy: Why is everyone so worried?

Jimmy: (about the fountain) I said, I'm not thirsty!

Hugh: (to Jimmy): Just got a phone call from Terry's mom! Did you two have a little spat-a-roo?
Judy: Hugh, the talk?
Hugh: (clears throat) Once upon on time, a boy sparrow ... said to a girl sparrow, "Hey, nice feathers! Can I buy you some millet?" Well, the girl sparrow...
Jimmy: You know what, dad? I would really love to hear the rest, but I'm having a small emergency, bye!
Hugh: And when he got to her nest, he was alarmed to find out that her mother was a cantankerous old crow!
Judy: Hugh!


  • Carl mentions the events of When Pants Attack to Jimmy when Carl asks if the Nanobots will do anything bad like the pants did, but Jimmy says those were Nanochips.
  • In response to Cindy's and Libby's advice to report Terry Finster to Jimmy's parents or a teacher, Carl says that "(A)dults usually know the right thing to do, except in horror films when there's a spider in their bathtub..." This is a reference to the horror film Arachnophobia (1990).
  • Carl, Cindy, and Libby were all holding the same book when Terry stomped on Jimmy's second homemade lunch. The book's title is "Reading for Credit".
  • When The Nanobots walk in slow-motion they walk in a similar fashion to the astronauts in the Docudrama The Right Stuff (1983).
  • This is the second episode where Jimmy and Cindy don't antagonize each other at all. The other three times are Hypno-Birthday To You, My Big Fat Spy Wedding, and Lady Sings the News.
  • Carl's voice becomes more high-pitched starting with this episode. 
  • This is the only episode where Goddard walks on his hind legs. 
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