Roxy is The Junkman's pet French Poodle and Goddard's love interest. She appears in "The Junkman Cometh" and "The League of Villains". She is sad in when Junkman takes her away from Goddard. Clearly, she loves Goddard, but hates Jimmy because in The League of Villains, she growls at him and tries to attack him. Luckily, Jimmy trapped her and the other villains in the past. 


  • Roxy is given a "proton snack" from The Junkman every evening.
  • Goddard says, "Oh baby" when he catches her.
  • Carl called their love sweet, while Sheen thought it was creepy.
  • She looks similar to the genetically-engineered lynx Bubastis, from the film and comic book Watchmen.