Romantic Jimmy Cindy

Jimmy at Cindy's house

Romantic Jimmy was created as a clone of Jimmy along with five others by Jimmy himself. As each clone was given a specific chore, Romantic Jimmy's chore given was to give a book back to Mrs. Vortex . However, as she was not home, this clone decided to sing infront of Cindy, as he shared Neutron's eternal love for her. This made Cindy faint for a few seconds. Like all the other clones, Romantic Jimmy was frozen in ice at the end of the episode "Send in the Clones".


  • Cindy was delighted by this clone's song of her. However, after she was going to say that, she lied by saying that he threatened her.
  • He looks exactly like Jimmy himself, except he has a short mustache and a french accent.
  • His hair style is the same as Jimmy's in the episodes Lady Sings the News and Love Potion 976/J.
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