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Jimmy, Carl and Sheen at Downtown Retroville

The hovercar's route in Stranded

Retroville, USA is the main setting of the Jimmy Neutron franchise.


In the episode Stranded, there is a scene where Jimmy and his friends take off in the Hover Car for a trip to the equator. Following an argument between Cindy and Jimmy, a map animation that shows the hovercar's route can easily be traced back almost precisely to Austin, Texas. Looking at Jimmy’s watch you can see that Retroville time is 12:00 and so is Chicago time, which suggests that Retroville is located in the central standard time zone. The phone number of the Candy Bar, as shown by a receipt, has a 985 area code, which is located in southern Louisiana. Although the receipt was shown in the Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinators!, which is considered non-canon, so that might not be the canon phone number.  

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Retroville has a downtown area with tall skyscrapers with a freeway system and a convention center. The city imposes a 4% tax rate, as seen on Mr. Giggle's invoice in the episode Hypno-Birthday To You.


Retroville is a large city with skyscrapers and a suburban residential area with parts of the city with a small-town feel. Most places in Retroville are seen or mentioned throughout the series, depicting the layout of the city. Other places located on the outskirts of the city are a military base and a horse ranch.

  • Candy Bar - An ice cream shop in Retroville where Jimmy and his friends like to eat at.
  • Lake Retroville - A man-made lake in Retroville.
  • Lindbergh Elementary School - Jimmy and his friends go to this school.
  • Pizza Clown - A restaurant in Retroville.
  • Retroland - Retroville's amusement park located in the suburban parts of the city.
  • McSpanky's - A hamburger restaurant.
  • Retroville Convention Center and Sports Arena - A convention center and a basketball arena located in downtown Retroville next to a major freeway.
  • Retroville Central Library - A public library located on the edge of downtown.
  • Purple Flurp Factory - A factory in Retroville that produces the popular soda in Retroville.
  • Retroville Power Plant - The main electricity supply to the city. High tension transmission power lines are seen going through the suburban area of Retroville.
  • House of Blue Pants: A warehouse store stocked with over a million pairs of pants. Formerly was "House of Blue Laderhosen" but that was closed due to it appealing to a very small market.
  • Lucky Joe's Cleaners: across the street from House of Blue Pants. Is not owned by a guy named Joe.
  • Cheese World
  • Rug World: The business located to the right of Cheese World.
  • Mime World: It's located to the right of Rug World.
  • Lucky Tony's House of Garlic: Directly across the street from House of Blue Pants.
  • Retroville Park - The main city park located between downtown Retroville and the suburban area of the city.
  • Retroville Zoo - The city zoo located in the suburban areas of Retroville near the edge of the city.
  • Jimmy Neutron's House - where Jimmy Neutron and his family resides.
  • Cindy Vortex's House - where Cindy Vortex and her family resides.




  • Retro refers to old trends that have regained popularity once again, it is seen in some buildings and cars with 1940, 1950s , and early 1960s style. The Candy Bar seems to have a 1950's style design.
  • Retroville has an emergency siren system, probably built during the cold war, that sounds whenever the city is in danger. The sirens go off in "Win, Lose and Kaboom" when a meteor hurtles toward Retroville.
  • Retroville is located in Texas, as evidenced in the episode "Stranded". Also Jimmy mentions the state to Quentin Smithee in Lights! Camera! Danger!
    • Coincidentally, the show's production studio, DNA Productions was located in Texas, specifically in the city of Dallas.