Queen Howsaboutislapya

Queen Hasabataslapya.

Queen Hasabataslapya was the queen of Egypt and an ancestor of Libby. She died at some point in her life at age 18. She cursed her resting place, claiming eternal punishment to be the price for disturbing it. In Beach Party Mummy, When the gang is attacked by mummies, Libby gets a makeover to make herself look strikingly similar to the queen in an attempt to control the mummies and pacify them, which does not work until she commands them in a fairly sassy manner. It is unknown if Libby's parents know that Libby is related to Queen Hasabataslapya because they rarely appear in the series.


  • Queen Hasabataslapya's name is a pun on the phrase, "How's about I slap ya?"
  • Her death at 18 might be a parody of King Tutankhamun's death at age 19, as well as his legendary lost tomb. Alternatively, this could be a parody of Queen Cleopatra's death, as she was the queen of Egypt and died at age 21.