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Princess "Oom" OomLout is a supporting character in Planet Sheen.


"Princess Oom, is the Emperor's daughter. She also has two faces, an extra one popped out when she sneezed too hard. After that there was a new holiday and a song of Oom's popping out day. One face is a bubbly cheerleader; the other is an intense seductress. To Princess Oom's dismay, neither of them has any power over Sheen. She is deliriously in love with him and shows it by licking him to hard. This is very exciting to the Emperor, who can't wait to see the couple marry. Sheen, on the other hand, is terrified."

Physical Appearance

Princess Oom has purple skin. She wears a yellow dress and has no hair except for her ponytail of dirty blonde hair. One of her faces has small, girly eyes and pretty eyelashes. The other face has a huge buck teeth and bulging eyes. She has two toes on each foot. She has wings on her back.


Princess Oom is one giant body and two frightening faces: one is bouncy, bubbly and ditzy like a cheerleader; the other is slightly more hideous and really intense. Oom is deliriously in love with Sheen and shows it by giving raffenhoffers (licking) and whirlyhoffers (a whirlpool of ranffenhoffers) him with her super long tongue. Sheen hates this more than anything and can't stand her at all, but the Emperor thinks they’re in love, which means Sheen cannot stop her affections, yet will do anything to avoid them and her at all costs.


  • In concept art, Oom was blue.
  • She seems to be Brittany's Planet Sheen counterpart.
  • In the original premise of Planet Sheen, due to the Emperor being evil and ruled planet Zeenu with an iron fist, it is unknown if Princess Oom was part of the original premise.
  • The voices of the two faces of Oom is a mix of Candi Milo's characters from the original series, her normal face sounds like Brittany while her ugly face sounds like Nick, but slightly more deeper and goofy.