Pain, Pain, Go Away!

Episode 6
Season 0
Airdate February 13, 2001
Invention Pain Transference Helmet
Previous Sea Minus
Next Ultralord vs. the Squirrels

  Pain, Pain Go Away! is a Jimmy Neutron pilot short.


Jimmy visits the dentist and uses his Pain Transference Helmet to transfer the pain to Cindy. He gets in trouble, though, when Cindy and Libby steal the helmet and decide to get back at Jimmy by having Libby beat up Cindy and sending the pain to Jimmy. 


  • Cindy wears a pink button-up shirt, black jeans and pink sneakers starting with this episode. 
  • In this episode, Jimmy has five fingers instead of four fingers. 
  • This is the first appearance of Libby Folfax. 
  • The dentist bears a striking resemblance to the Nazi Scientist, Josef Mengele.
  • Rob Paulsen who voices Carl also voices the unseen scared patient in the short's open.


Jimmy Neutron - Pain, Pain, Go Away

Jimmy Neutron - Pain, Pain, Go Away

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