Ooblar is the secondary antagonist of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and a minor antagonist in its TV series. He's King Goobot V's younger brother and his former assistant. 


Ooblar looks just like other Yolkians only his body's purple with a hat on his head. In his debut, his body was silver with an antenna and not a purple hat.


Ooblar's a foil to his brother, King Goobot. Whether he is generally a serious character, Ooblar tends to be a rather comedic character, in particular when he's trying to interrogate Goddard, only for the mechanical canine to trick him into believing that he is going to self-destruct and take Ooblar with him or when he tries to check out Jimmy's communication toaster.


  • (to the toast) "Hello! What galaxy are you from? Where is your leader?"
  • "Hello, toast. I greatly admire your ship.
  • "YOU LOOK MARVELOUS sunny side up sir!"
  • "You and your people will be our slaves!"



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