My Son, the Hamster
My Son, the Hamster (Title Card)

The title card for My Son, the Hamster.

Episode 8b
Season 1
Airdate October 30, 2002
Invention Jimmy's pods
Previous The Phantom of Retroland
Next Hall Monster

"My Son, the Hamster" is the second segment of the 8th episode of season 1.


Jimmy's atoms accidentally get switched with Carl's new hamster's so that he has the head of a human boy and the body of Carl's hamster. To make things worse, he gets snatched by an eagle, and Hugh takes the hamster out for quality time; he is unaware of the mishap. Jimmy is eventually saved by Goddard and he lures Carl's hamster back to the lab, where their atoms are rearranged. In the end Sheen finds a lizard and comes up with idea of using Jimmy's pods to switch bodies with it so he can be Lizard Lord. He says "behold my tongue of doom and tremble!" then yells "TREMBLE!" while pointing the lizard at Carl's face causing Carl to scream and run. 


  • Jimmy tells the bird that he is high in HDL cholesterol, saying its the bad kind, but it's actually the good kind. 
  • When explaining his teleportation pods, Jimmy says he can build a snowman in Iceland. However, Iceland is warm. Greenland is the cold area. Though, it is possible Jimmy meant the mountains of Iceland since they are usually covered in snow.


  • This episode can be featured in Fisher-Price InteracTV: Nickelodeon Triple Play DVD.
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