Mr. Strych is Eustace Strych's father. He only appears in Billion Dollar Boy.

Physical Appearance

He wears a captain's hat, a light blue shirt, a blue overcoat, tan pants, and brown shoes.


Mr. Strych appears to be a nice person. He described himself as an awful father. Hugh taught him how to be a good parent and that he needed to set limits, which he does at the end of the episode.


In Billion Dollar Boy, he first appears when he almost hits Jimmy in the head with a golf ball in the Strych Mansion. He then points out that he has not seen Eustace in days. He then asks Eustace who his friends are. Eustace tells his father not to interfere. Hugh then introduces himself to Mr. Strych. Mr. Strych says that Hugh looks like a golf lover. Hugh corrects him, saying that he is a duck lover. Mr. Strych then says that he likes ducks too. Mr. Strych tells Eustace to run along with his friends while he shows Hugh the vintage flurp cellar. Later, in the vintage flurp celler, Mr. Strych burps a lot with Hugh and then points out that the Purple Flurp is called, "Chateau la Flurp" and is from 1972. Mr. Strych compliments Jimmy by calling him, "a great son". Hugh thanks Mr. Strych. Hugh tries to compliment Eustace, but only comes up with "clean". Mr. Strych admits that he is a bad parent and that Eustace is a bad son. He then asks Hugh for help. Hugh tells Mr. Strych to set limits. Mr. Strych rhetorically asks if it works. Mr. Strych tells Hugh to tell him more about the limits. The two start burping again.

He then appears towards the end of the episode. With Hugh's help, he tells Eustace that he is going to start setting limits. He says Eustace cannot pursue anyone with eternal vengeance for a month. Eustace says that he warned his father not to interfere and that Mr. Strych will pay. Hugh says that what Eustace said deserves a time out. With Hugh's help, Mr. Strych tells the butler, Blix, to send Eustace to his room to think about what he has done. Blix then turns on a machine that comes down from the ceiling and carries Eustace away. Mr. Strych finds that his parental power has risen.