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Meldar Prime appears in the TV movie Win, Lose, and Kaboom! as the main antagonist.


Meldar Prime was the host of the game show Intergalactic Showdown which abducts various alien races and forces them to compete in the various games and challenges the show presented - The winning team got a space car while the losing teams' home planets had blown up. April, a Gorlock, forms an alliance with Jimmy to take Meldar down to shut Intergalactic Showdown off for good. He uses matrix generators hidden in his cuff-links to manipulate time, space, and reality, which makes him very powerful. Jimmy realizes this during the final battle and has Carl swiped them from Meldar using his Florgus, Sugar Cube. He is defeated and demoted, leaving him to be tortured and painfully electrocuted forever.


Meldar Prime is presented as a typical hammy and over-the-top game show host, but he is also a cruel, sadistic and arrogant businessman who only cares about the ratings of his show, and has no qualms with destroying entire planets if it means gaining more ratings and popularity to make his show successful, regardless of the consequences it has on the planet’s inhabitants. He is sadistic and mocking to the competitors (Jimmy and his friends especially), and the power afforded to him by his Matrix Generators went to his head. He is also a hypocrite, as he disqualified Goddard from the race so the earthlings wouldn’t cheat during the race, but he allowed the brains to cheat and begged Jimmy not to blow up his sector, even though his goal was to destroy other planets.


  • Meldar Prime's name could be a play on the Nintendo video game, Metroid Prime.
  • Meldar Prime seemed to have wanted to blow up Earth in the first place since he'd done things like forcing Jimmy and the others to vote one of their teammates off their team so that way they'd be short handed (although even with the one less member, they still had more teammates than the others), and trapping Goddard in a force field bubble before he could race with Jimmy and the others against the Brains across the Obstacle Course, not allowing him to do so. That way when the Brains put them in their hypnosis, they would not be able to have a way to help them get through the dangerous course after they wake up so they won't be able to catch up to them in time allowing Jimmy and the gang to lose Intergalactic Showdown.
  • Meldar Prime is a parody of Jeff Probst from Survivor.
  • It is unknown why he is not part of the League of Villains, though it could be due to him losing his powers at the end of the episode.
  • He is voiced by Tim Allen; known for roles such as Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story, Tim Taylor in Home Improvement, and Mike Baxter in Last Man Standing.
  • Meldar Prime has been ranked by the Youtube channel WickedBinge as the most Wicked character in the whole Jimmy Neutron Franchise (Even beating out King Goobot V & Professor Calamitous).