Maternotron Knows Best
Maternotron knows)best title card

The title for MaternoTron Knows Best.

Episode 12a
Season 2
Airdate March 9, 2004
Invention Maternotron
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"MaternoTron Knows Best" is a first segment of the 12th. episode in the second season of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.


Jimmy creates a robot to replace his mother while she’s on her spa getaway, but when it becomes too controlling (due to setting the autonomy parameter in the mothering chip too high), will his mom come to the rescue in time?



Jimmy: Something's wrong, there's no juice in my hand. And I don't smell waffles with meticulously syrup-filled dimples.
Hugh: And there's something wrong with my bowl full of cereal.
Jimmy: There's nothing in it, Dad.
Hugh: That's it! This isn't a bowl full of cereal; it's just a bowl of milk-less air.
Jimmy: Mom, are you going on a trip?
Judy: Oh, you noticed. Well, since you asked, I'm going to a spa for a week to be pampered unmercifully.
Hugh: Hughsy-doodles is confused.
Judy: I'm sick of being unappreciated and doing all the work around here. Here are the chores I do every week to keep this place up and running. You two are going to have to do every one of them while I'm gone. Good-bye.
Jimmy: Whoa! No Mom for a week?
Hugh: No one to tell us your bath is ready?
Jimmy: Or make us change our clothes. Or make us leave the lab and come to dinner.
Hugh: No one to tell us you can't have pizza for every meal, or say, "Hugh, put down that duck and talk to me for once."
Jimmy: We're free man! Masters of our own destiny. We rule this house.
Hugh: We, uh... well, once we finish the chores.
Jimmy: Oh yeah. What's the first one?

Hugh: Now, Jimmy, should we sponge, then squeegee, then dry? Or squeegee, then sponge, then dry? Or, dry, then sponge, then squeegee or... (Jimmy slips off the ladder) Okay, you're the genius. Plunge head first screaming, then sponge, then dry. (Hugh jumps off the ladder)
Jimmy: If I'm such a genius, why are we doing this work ourselves?
Hugh: Because your mother told us to.
Jimmy: She just wants it done, she doesn't care who-- or what-- does it.

Jimmy: Goddard, install List of Chores program. Check. Lastly, my maternal chip with the directive to protect and pamper. (Jimmy activates MaternoTron)
MaternoTron: Shall I now walk the dog? Freeing you to relax and eat corn chips, my son?

Judy: (about her nails getting manicured by a group of men while carrying her car) Boy, you spa folks don't even let a girl lift a finger, do you?

Hugh: So, how's that week's worth of chores coming, Robo-Booger
MaternoTron: All chores were completed at 1700 hours this evening.
Jimmy: Good work, MaternoTron. Assume sleep mode until the next meal time.
MaternoTron: Negative. A mother's work is never done. A mother must protect and pamper
Jimmy: Oh, right. (Clears throat) Override Maternal chip directives until further notice.
MaternoTron: Don't use that tone of voice with me, young man, now eat.
Jimmy: Leapin' Leptons! I said water the lawn, not cook it. What is this stuff?
MaternoTron: Soy protein, kelp, talapala oil and spinach for flavor.
Hugh: Sugarbooger's dinners never smelled quite so, uh. Oh, how do I put it? Disgusting.
MaternoTron: This is the train and your mouth is the tunnel.
Hugh: Yeah, no thanks. See, my tunnel is temporarily closed for-
Jimmy: I must have set the autonomy parameter in the mothering chip too high. She really thinks she's Mom.
MaternoTron: And after dinner, your baths. (Jimmy and Hugh are scared)
(Cuts to bedroom in Front of door shown Hugh and Jimmy can be heard screaming as Maternotro scrubs them hard)
MaternoTron: Hold Still!
Hugh: Not the face!

Hugh: (whining about Maternotron) She wouldn't even let me play with Mr. Bath Time Ducky!!!
Jimmy: Don't worry. Luckily, Maternotron's got an emergency cut-off receiver, the remote for it is in my lab. I'll need you to cover for me.
Hugh: So... Jimmy sitting right beside me and not leaving the room at all, how's it going? (Imitating Jimmy) Okay, Dad of mine, who's also remaining in the room with me... right here.
MaternoTron: Where are you going?
Jimmy: Um, Well, I left my homework in the lab
MaternoTron: Too many wires. You'll electrocute your eye out. Bedtime.
Jimmy: What? But it's only 7:00.
MaternoTron: March.
Jimmy: But I'm not tired.
MaternoTron: Then I must rock you to sleep. ♫Rockabye Jimmy on the treetop. Tomorrow more kelp till your pant buttons pop.♫ Are you tired yet?
Jimmy: And nauseous.

MaternoTron: I have been neglectful to you as a wife
Hugh: No! Uh, really. It's okay.
MaternoTron: No, it is not. Switching to Wife Mode. Take out the trash. We never talk anymore. get me some ice cream. Let's watch a movie with lots of crying. I should never have given up my career. Rub my feet. (Hugh screams)

Jimmy:Psst. Guys, up here.
Sheen: Hey, Jimmy, weren't you supposed to meet us in the park this morning, or did Carl and I both dream that?
Jimmy: Guys, listen to me, I need your help.
Carl: Oh, gee, I've got llama art class in an hour...
Jimmy: There's a remote control on my workbench. Here's my DNA to get in the lab. You've gotta fetch me that remote before bath time.
Carl: The tough part of drawing the llama is capturing his soulful eyes.
MaternoTron: Halt! Who are you?
Sheen: Hi, Mrs. Neutron. May I say you're looking particularly shiny today?
Carl: Yeah, I'll say. Um, would you excuse us? We're getting something top secret for Jimmy.
MaternoTron: To associate with my Jimmy, you must complete these qualification forms.
Carl: "Father's maiden name?"
Sheen: "Jimmy falls in the playground and breaks his leg. What do you do?" Well, that's a stupid question, they don't even tell you which leg it is.

Jimmy: Say, Dad. Let's go play catch and not leave the yard at all!
Hugh: Good- wink,wink- idea, son. And let's not run like crazy turkeys screaming for help when we get out there.
MaternoTron: Where do you think you're going?
Jimmy: Outside?
MaternoTron: Too dangerous! Outside is where the Civil War was held! I'm putting you both on, (ferocious evil tone of voice) LOCK-DOWN! (Jimmy and Hugh are tied up drinking green soup through a straw) Protect, pamper, eat your nutrition. Protect, pamper, eat your nutrition. Protect, pamper, eat your nutrition. (Judy bursts in)
Judy: Get away from my family, you ugly bucket of bolts!
Jimmy: Mom!
Hugh: Sugarbooger!
MaternoTron: Your family? Ha! Protect, pamper...
Judy: Jimmy?
Jimmy: Uh... well, funny thing about that, she, uh, sort of thinks she's you.
MaternoTron: Protect.

Hugh: Not too tight. Those are her piecrust decorating arms.
Judy: To think I stepped out for 2 measly days and you replace with some psycho robot with a hideous 1950s hairdo?
Jimmy: No psycho could replace you, Mom. There's no way I could program all your love, care and amazing ability to forgive me into a chip.
Judy: Ow!
Jimmy: Although I think I captured rope-tying pretty good. MaternoTron, as your creator, I demand you let her go!
MaternoTron: Don't raise your voice to your mother, young man!
Judy: Nobody wags their finger at my boy. (Breaks out of her ropes)
Jimmy: Mom, break into my lab. If the security system doesn't kill you, bring back the disabler.
Judy: I don't need the lab, not as long as I have my utility closet.(Grabs a mop, a broom and a plunger)
MaternoTron: You're out of cleaning implements.
Judy: Oh, am I? (Grabs a blaster)
Jimmy: A 300 caliber molecular blasting ray?
Judy: For those tough ground-in stains.
MaternoTron: (Shutting down) Your- clean c-clothes are-are in the dryer-dryer.
Jimmy: Way to go, Mom. Nobody punishes Jimmy Neutron.
Judy: Oh, I wouldn't say that.

Judy: Pick it up, boys. I've got 3 more days of spa coming.

Carl: Um, Sheen? What did you put for question 319?
Sheen: C. "Lure the tiger away from Jimmy by imitating a chicken strip."
Carl: Hmm, works for me.


  • The title is a pun on the saying, “Mother knows best.”
  • The background music of the title card sequence resembles the theme song of "Father's Knows Best."
  • Carl and Sheen didn't figure out the robot mom wasn't Judy.
  • The bathtub scene (complete with sound alike music) is a parody of the famous bathroom scene from the classic movie Psycho. Judy and Jimmy even indirectly mention the movie "To think I step out for two measly days and you replace me with some psycho robot... with a hideous 1950’s hairdo." "No psycho robot could replace you, Mom. There’s no way I could program all your love, care and amazing ways to forgive me into a chip."
  • Around the 6:07 mark a brief sound alike version of "Maniac" plays in the background when Judy works out.
  • Cindy's Aunt Susie makes a brief appearance in this episode as one of the masseuses at the spa and talks with some sort of Russian accent.
  • Cindy and Libby do not appear in this episode.
  • Although this episode was released in 2004, you can actually see "Copyright 2003 Viacom International, Inc." at the end of the credits. This means that the episode was produced in 2003.
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