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This article lists all of the episodes in The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.


Season 1: 2002-2003 

Season one had its spin-off of the movie feel. As a result, there was more comedy and less seriousness.

Ep. # Date Episode Description
1 July 20, 2002 When Pants Attack Jimmy makes a nanochip for his pants but it backfires when it gains advanced cranial capacity and leads an attack on Retroville!
2 September 6, 2002 Normal Boy/Birth of a Salesman Jimmy drains his brain because his knowledge annoys the town of Retroville.

In order to beat Cindy in a candy-selling contest, Jimmy creates a robotic salesman.

3 September 13, 2002 Brobot/The Big Pinch

Jimmy invents a little brother robot when he becomes lonely. Then, he becomes jealous when people like Brobot more than him.

In order to prove Cindy wrong, Jimmy brings Thomas Edison to the present, but is unable to bring him back when things go wrong.

4 September 30, 2002 Granny Baby/Time is Money Jimmy has to look after his grandma, and invents a chemical that transforms her into a baby.

The Neutrons get rich after Jimmy goes back in time to convince his dad to invest in McSpanky's. 

5 October 1, 2002 Raise the Oozy Scab/I Dream of Jimmy Jimmy and his friends encounter a giant squid while trying to find a treasure chest in the sea.

Carl's strange behavior due to nightmares causes Jimmy and Sheen to go inside his dreams to see what happens that makes Carl so scared. 

6 October 4, 2002 Jimmy on Ice/Battle of the Band To get away from the heat, Jimmy shoots a rocket filled with SPF 50, but it ends up with a snowstorm.

Jimmy, Carl and Sheen form their very own band to beat Cindy and Libby in the talent show. However, their egos become out of control. 

7 October 14, 2002 See Jimmy Run/Trading Faces Jimmy gets new super-fast shoes so he can beat Cindy in a race. When he loses again, he uses the shoes to play pranks on his friends.

Jimmy and Cindy switch bodies when Jimmy is testing his new invention.

8 October 30, 2002

Phantom of Retroland/My Son, the Hamster

Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen go to Retroville's highly populated Amusement Park at midnight so they can prove that a phantom doesn't haunt the place.

Jimmy's atoms are accidentally switched with a hamster's so that he has the head of a boy and the body of a hamster.

9 November 1, 2002 Hall Monster/Hypno-Birthday To You Jimmy becomes the new hall monitor and everyone is afraid of him when goes mad with power.

Jimmy uses his Hypno-Beam to hypnotize his parents into thinking it is his birthday every day. 

10 November 15, 2002 Krunch Time/Substitute Creature Jimmy invents a candy that turns out to be highly addictive.

Jimmy's DNA plant turns Ms. Fowl into a 50 ft. tall giant monster.

11 November 30, 2002 Safety First/Crime Sheen Investigation Jimmy invents two Nanobots to defend him from the school bully, but they malfunction and cause chaos.

Jimmy helps Sheen find his missing Ultra Lord action figure.

12 January 31, 2003 Journey to the Center of Carl/Aaughh!! Wilderness!!

Jimmy gets everyone sick, so Jimmy and Sheen go inside Carl's body to fight his germs and make a vaccine to cure everyone.

Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen go camping with Hugh, where they run into a tiff with a grizzly bear.

13 February 17, 2003 Party at Neutron's/Ultra Sheen Jimmy throws a party at his house while his parents are out.

Sheen fights alongside Ultra Lord in a video game after being transported into it with Jimmy's new invention.

14 March 14, 2003 Broadcast Blues/Professor Calamitous, I Presume

Jimmy creates his own science TV show that gets replaced by a dance show starring Cindy, Libby and Brittany.

Professor Finbarr Calamitous, who can never finish anything, tries to take over Retroville and wants to make Jimmy into his scientific slave.

15-16 April 25, 2003 The Eggpire Strikes Back The evil Yolkians are back and are pretending to have reformed. When Jimmy discovers the truth, he must stop their evil plot before his friends and parents are doomed.
17 May 27, 2003 Maximum Hugh/Sleepless in Retroville

Hugh gets a powered sweat band that helps complete against Cindy and her family in a competition.

Jimmy, Carl and Sheen have a sleepover that goes wrong when Carl accidentally creates a pizza monster.

19 June 6, 2003 Make Room for Daddy-O Jimmy makes Hugh the coolest guy in Retroville so he won't be embarrassed by others for his father's immature performance.
20 September 19, 2003 Beach Party Mummy Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Cindy and Libby travel to Egypt only to find themselves trapped in a pyramid with mummies and Libby gets a makeover when she dresses up as her Egyptian ancestor.

Season 2: 2003-2004

22 minute shows become the norm for the series and there are less ten minute ones.

Ep. # Date Episode Description
1 August 1, 2003 A Beautiful Mine Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Cindy and Libby search for an asteroid containing a king's ransom of jewels. Unfortunately, they get greedy and start to turn against each other.
2 September 5, 2003 Sorry, Wrong Era Jimmy's new time-travel invention sends him and his friends back 65 million years in the past and they must find a way to get back home before the Asteroid hits. But a T-Rex is trying to kill them
3 October 3, 2003 The Retroville 9/Grumpy Young Men

Retroville awaits the greatest baseball team in their town.

Jimmy, Carl and Sheen become old men to get an Rated-M game. They must revert back to normal or they'll keep aging until they turn to dust. 

4-5 October 13, 2003 Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion Jimmy has to team up with Jet Fusion to stop Professor Calamitous from melting Mt. Everest.
6 October 29, 2003 Nightmare in Retroville Jimmy accidentally turns Carl, Sheen and Hugh into monsters.
7 November 11, 2003 Monster Hunt/Jimmy for President

A rumor spreads that a lagoon monster will haunt Retroville, but Jimmy thinks otherwise.

Jimmy runs for class president against Libby and the two run a brutal campaign trying to get people's votes.

8 November 14, 2003 Return of the Nanobots Jimmy upgrades his nanobots to correct for errors in his non-science homework. When they see that humans are perfect by being flawed, they decide to delete the entire human race to please Jimmy.

December 8, 2003

Holly Jolly Jimmy After accidentally scrambling Santa Claus's atoms, Jimmy must do his job of delivering presents all over the world in one night. Meanwhile, convinced Jimmy's mistake cancelled Christmas, Hugh invents a replacement holiday, Pule.
10 February 13, 2004 Love Potion 976/J Jimmy creates a love potion that accidentally causes himself, Carl, and Sheen to fall madly in love with the first girls they see. Jimmy falls for Cindy, Sheen falls for Libby and Carl falls for Judy.
11 March 8, 2004 Sheen's Brain Sheen gains an IQ and gets the highest score on a math test in his class after Jimmy turns his Brain Drain helmet into a Brain Gain helmet. Sheen then gains telekinetic powers and plots to destroy Retroville. Jimmy and Carl must stop him and revert him back to normal or his head will keep growing until it explodes.
12 March 9, 2004 Maternotron Knows Best/Send in the Clones Feeling unappreciated around the house, Judy takes a week off at a spa, with Jimmy inventing a replacement robe-mother, which takes over the house and puts him and Hugh through serious pain.

Jimmy makes clones of himself in order to avoid his chores, but they cause trouble and one sinister clone has escaped.

13 March 10, 2004 The Great Egg Heist/The Feud Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Cindy and Libby search for a precious egg in a museum to help Princess Peggy Tsu save the free world from her evil brother. 

Carl and Jimmy are forbidden to see one another as their parents are fighting against each other.

14 March 11, 2004 Out Darn Spotlight Jimmy joins the school play to spend more time with Betty, so he becomes the stage technician to create special effects to impress her. 
15 March 12, 2004 The Junkman Cometh Jimmy attempts to rescue Brobot and his parents from the Junkman's ship.
16 March 26, 2004 Foul Bull/The Science Fair Affair Jimmy, Carl and Sheen try to impress a cute cowgirl at a rodeo by becoming rodeo clowns. 

Jimmy is mad that he is banned from the science fair.

17 June 2, 2004 Men at Work Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen decide to take jobs at the greatest fast food restaurant in Retroville. Jimmy doesn't like the humilating work, so he soups up McSpanky's, which gains a mind of its own. 
18 June 7, 2004 The Mighty Wheezers/Billion Dollar Boy Carl and his family go super-powered after Jimmy gets sick of their allergies and feeds them a health pill, but they soon become mad with their newfound powers. 

Jimmy and his friends battle a billionaire fiend, who wants Goddard.

19-21 July 9, 2004 Win, Lose and Kaboom Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Cindy, Libby, Goddard and Bolbi compete in an intergalactic game show in order to stop the show from destroying Earth.

Season 3: 2004-2006

Season three features more romantic moments between Jimmy and Cindy. It should be noted that the episodes that aired in 2006 only aired once and never had reruns.

Ep. # Date Episode Description
1-2 November 11, 2004 Attack of the Twonkies Jimmy and Carl accidentally bring home a strange space creature from a comet. They decide to to keep it as a pet, but it turns into a savage beast and reproduces after hearing music. 
3 November 27, 2004 Lights! Camera! Danger! Professor Calamitous disguises himself as a director and casts Jimmy and his friends in a fake movie in his latest plot to do away with them. 
4 May 24, 2005 Fundemonium Hugh becomes a toy inventor so the Neutrons won't have to move, but he uses Jimmy's Nanobots as batteries for one toy, and it causes chaos.
5 May 26, 2005 Stranded Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Cindy and Libby get stranded on an island after Jimmy tries to prove to Cindy that the equator is invisible.
6 May 27, 2005 Jimmy Goes to College Jimmy becomes a college student because he smart enough, but he is made fun of at college and another student steals his plans for an unstable molecule machine.
7 November 27, 2004 The N-Men After being zapped in the Van Patten Radiator Belt, Jimmy and his friends get mutant powers and decide to become superheroes, but are captured by the army after causing trouble. Now, they must escape and find a cure or they will die.
8 May 22, 2005 The Tomorrow Boys Jimmy and his friends travel to the future and figure out that Libby is the dictator of the world! So they have to get back the gift they gave to Libby for her birthday before she becomes dictator of the world in the future.
9 May 24, 2005 My Big Fat Spy Wedding Beautiful Gorgeous hypnotizes Jet into killing Jimmy at their wedding in her latest plot to do away with the two greatest crime fighters in the world. Can Carl and Sheen rescue their friend before it's too late?
10 June 20, 2005 Who's Your Mommy?/Clash of the Cousins

An alien substance attaches itself to Carl's face and Carl is pregnant with a baby alien on him.

Jimmy finds out that there's an evil genius in his family who is plotting to do away with everyone and has to find out who it is.

11 June 22, 2005 Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen Sheen searches for a Kung-Fu master in Shangri Llama so he can rescue Libby when she is captured by an evil monk who wants Sheen's position as the Chosen One.
12 January 23, 2006 The Incredible Shrinking Town Jimmy accidentally shrinks the town and they must deal with their new sizes until Jimmy can rebuild his Shrink Ray. However, the Space Bandits capture them and plot to sell them as living toys.
13 January 24, 2006 One of Us/Vanishing Act

A TV show called The Happy Show Show turns the citizens of Retroville into emotionless, cheerful zombies.

Jimmy puts on a magic show to impress Betty, but the two get sucked into some strange bizarre magical world.

14 January 25, 2006 The Trouble with Clones Evil Jimmy tries to destroy Earth with an evil one. Can Jimmy stop his evil twin before it's too late?
15 January 26, 2006 The Evil Beneath/Carl Wheezer, Boy Genius

Jimmy, Carl and Sheen go to the Bahama Quadrangle to investigate the mysterious vanishings. They realize that the evil Dr. Sydney Moist has been kidnapping people and turning them into algae men.

Carl decides that he wants to become a boy genius so he can impress a girl, and makes Jimmy his lowly assistant and Sheen a former monkey. Unfortunetly, Carl starts milking the moment and starts putting his friends in danger.

16 January 27, 2006 Who Framed Jimmy?/Flippy

Jimmy tries to find the fiend who was framing him for stealing a large sum of money.

Hugh buys a new Flippy puppet for career day and Jimmy thinks he has no chance. So he places a chip in the puppet and makes it funny, but it actually gets a mind of its own.

17 November

25, 2006

King of Mars Eustace attempts to take over Mars. Jimmy and his friends must stop him before the Earth is annihilated by the Martians.
18 November

25, 2006

El Magnifico/Best in Show

Jimmy turns Mr. Estevez into a superhero to compete with Ultra Lord. 

Goddard is eliminated from a pet show because he is not a real dog. He becomes depressed and runs away, causing Jimmy to search for him.

19 November 17, 2006 How to Sink a Sub/Lady Sings the News

Jimmy, Carl and Sheen's parents become substitute teachers and are embarrassing their kids.

The kids become anchors for a kids news program. When Libby starts abusing her gossip segment, her friends plot to end her reign of evil.

20 June 18, 2005 The League of Villains In the series finale, King Goobot returns once again and this time he's recruited several of Jimmy's enemies to defeat him once and for all. When they manage to abduct Jimmy and Sheen into space, Carl, Cindy and Libby must go rescue them with their N-Men powers. 

Cancelled Season 4

There was supposed to be a season four (which would've also been the final season), but DNA Productions went out of business due to the failure of The Ant Bully before season four could be produced. Cancelling the series was a big loss for the company. There are four scripts finalized, but they are in secret until further notice.

The fourth season was going to be darker and more serious than the previous ones. Many proposed things in the season were:

  • An overarching story about the gang starting middle school.
  • The premiere episode would've featured Jimmy and the rest of his class teaming up to stop Evil Jimmy and the rest of their evil clones, who have escaped from the Dark Matter Dimension during a class field trip to an asteroid.
  • An episode about Cindy, Libby and Betty getting stuck in Jimmy's lab.
  • Jimmy and Cindy permanently ending their fighting and rivalry.
  • New and more dangerous villains.
  • Jimmy's friends getting enemies of their own.
  • Nick becoming part of the main cast again.
  • Brittany becoming a main character. 
  • The series finale would've been about all the members of Team Neutron fighting the now-rebuilt League of Villains.

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