Lindbergh Elementary School

Lindbergh Elementary School is the school that the main characters attend. Jimmy has made most of his inventions in this school. It was once destroyed in "Substitute Creature" as Ms. Fowl was expanding. It is named after Charles Lindbergh and has a statue of him in the front. It has a track that wraps around a football field (despite never seeing a football game being played there in the series), several bathrooms, a playground, one classroom is seen, and several lockers. In Jimmy for President we learn that the school has a total of 41 pupils (Ms. Fowl counts up the votes and tallies 36... Carl is the 37th vote. Add the four candidates to get 41).


Known Students


  • In the pilot episode, the bus has "Retroville Middle School" on the side.
  • Farley is named after a character from the Nintendo GameCube game Animal Crossing.
  • Butch is Jimmy's first bully. Second was Terry, who appeared in "Safety First".
  • In storybooks, it is called Retroville Elementary
  • In the pilot, it was called "Retroville Middle School". 
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