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Judith Honey "Judy" Neutron is a major character in the franchise.

Official Description

Judy is head of the Neutron household. She's no-nonsense, but always concerned with Jimmy's exploits and how his day went. Taking a cue from Martha Stewart, Judy has perfectly coiffed hair and is always attired in a wrinkle-free dress. But though she typically wears an apron, it's not for working in the kitchen. Instead, she can frequently be found adding performance modifications to the family car.


Judy with Hugh and Jimmy in her official 2D design.

Judy is a tall and skinny 50's housewife style woman. She has light brown hair in a 50's flip hairstyle, pale skin, green eyes with pale green eye shadow. She wears large gold hoop earrings and a white pearl necklace along with light pink lipstick. She also wears a green sleeveless dress with small pink polka dots and green high-heel dress shoes. She has a beauty mark on the left side of her face. Her nails are polished with pink nail polish. In Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and Pilot, she sometimes wears a white apron.


Judy is a caring, loving, and bossy mother towards Jimmy and is very affectionate towards her husband, Hugh. However, she gets frustrated with Jimmy's antics and all the trouble he causes, usually having to give him a lecture or put him in his place. For example, In When Pants Attack, we find out that Judy has asked Jimmy to pick up his pants 54 separate times to no avail. She often makes Jimmy do chores before performing an experiment or going to space. This usually causes Jimmy to find creative ways around his chores, leading to much bigger problems, such as the invention of Jimmy's clones and the Maternotron.

Sometimes, it is hinted that Jimmy might have gotten his super intelligence from his mother. One example of this occurs in See Jimmy Run, where she scientifically/correctly points out a flaw in Jimmy’s fast running shoes that he hadn't considered. Another example takes place in Maternotron Knows Best, where she impresses Jimmy by pulling a highly advanced molecular blasting ray out of her utility closet to shut down the Maternotron. She also put a tracking device in Hugh's skin, revealed in Aaughh!! Wilderness!!, to make sure he stays safe. Additionally, Judy is the family mechanic. She can often be found in the garage, checking the plugs and points or adding horsepower to the family roadster.

She was obsessed with cleaning and is a bit of a germophobe. She goes through great lengths to ensure that the Neutron household remains clean, including dusting the lawn, as seen in Crime Sheen Investigation. In the same episode, she admits that she wanted to throw Sheen's Ultra Lord away after seeing how filthy it was, but couldn't because she didn't have her rubber gloves.

She loves cooking and baking, especially pies. She often makes fresh pies for Hugh, much to his delight. In Make Room for Daddy-O, Judy begins panicking when Hugh rejects one of her pies, theorizing that he may now be into cakes or tarts now. She often uses unusual ingredients, such as when she makes a bramble-berry pie for the Wheezer family in The Feud.



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