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Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide!

The title card for Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide!.

Airdate January 16, 2006
Invention Gene Splicer (A.J.), Big Bang Bomb (Professor Calamitous)
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Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide! is the second crossover special of the Jimmy Timmy Power Hour series. 


In the second cross-over special, Jimmy and Timmy begin to fight over the affections of Cindy. It starts with Carl getting shocked under a ladder due to Friday the 13th. Jimmy then finds out that Calamitous is robbing a bank. Jimmy fights Calamitous, Dr. Sydney Moist and the CalamiBot. Successful, he then encounters Timmy Turner, who then has a rocket duel. Timmy succeeds, sending Jimmy falling down Mt. Everest then saving him after a scolding from Wanda. Timmy then takes Cindy to Dimmsdale via his Fairy Godparents and Jimmy uses his Wormhole Generator to go after him, with help from Carl, Sheen and Libby.

Jimmy's enemy Calamitous follows as well, befriending Anti-Cosmo and freeing the Anti-Fairies in the process. Timmy lends Cosmo and Wanda to Carl, Shee, and Libby. Then, Jimmy and Timmy fight the Anti-Fairies after they make it Friday the 13th every day, stopping the Earth from rotating anymore. Then they have to deal with Professor Calamitous in Jorgen's muscular body due to a mishap from Timmy. Jorgen Von Calamitous then takes Cindy to Retroville and creates the Big Bang Bomb, which would've exploded allowing Calamitous to make a whole new earth in his image. Jimmy and Timmy steal Cindy back and free Jorgen from Calamitous' control by breaking "Da Rules", making him very, very furious. In response for the scientist's act shrinks Calamitous and locks him up in a jar.

With help from Jorgen, Cosmo and Wanda, Retroville and Dimmsdale are split allowing Jimmy and Timmy to both dance with Cindy. Also, Carl asks Wanda to turn mini-Calamitous into a Judy-look alike. The special ends with Timmy and Jimmy repeatedly fighting over Cindy, who enjoys the attention she's getting.


  • Running Gag: People doing the "In Your Face Dance".
  • This episode aired 3 days after a Friday the 13th of January 2006. 
  • When Cindy is talking to Libby about Jimmy, Libby can be seen playing the Ultra Lord video game. Maybe she likes Ultra Lord as well.
  • Goddard appears in this episode, just like in the last one. He appears when he saves Jimmy from being hit by Timmy with a Burp Canon he wished for, and then later on frozen in carbonite along with Hugh and Judy by Professor Calamitous when he was in Jorgen's body. It's unknown why he didn't go with Jimmy and the others into Dimmsdale to find Timmy and Cindy.
  • Betty Quinlan makes a cameo at beginning perparing for the dance and at the end where she is seen dancing with all the other kids.
  • While Jimmy and Timmy are racing rockets, the background music is similar to Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins.
  • Hugh and Judy do not appear in this episode.
  • "My Shiny Teeth and Me" from the FOP episode, "Teeth for Two" is played at the end.
  • The quote that Anti-Wanda says is the same quote SpongeBob said from the episode "Squirrel Jokes".
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