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Airdate December 21, 2001
Invention Mark II Rocket
Strato XL
Super Bubblegum-Mobile
Communications Satellite
Girl-Eating Plant
Amusement Park Space Armada
Burping Soda
Previous Calling All Aliens
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Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius is a 2001 American computer-animated comedy film. The film was based on a few animated shorts shown on Nickelodeon in 2001, created by John A. Davis, Keith Alcorn, and Steve Oedekerk.

The television series was actually supposed to begin before the release of the film and that the film was going to based on the series, but since there was not enough time, the animated shorts were created and the film spun off the TV series the following year. It was produced by Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies with O Entertainment. It was nominated for the first Academy Award for Best Animated Feature (but lost to Shrek). The film was produced using off-the-shelf software (LightWave 6) by DNA Productions of Dallas, Texas.


At an air force base, an incoming UFO is approaching and the military sends fighter jets up to examine the situation. The UFO turns out to be Jimmy, Carl, and Goddard riding Jimmy's rocket ship. Jimmy needs to launch a communications satellite (which is really a toaster) to communicate with an alien species who sent him a message that was garbled in the ionosphere. Unfortunately, the pulse rockets fail, and the rocket cannot leave the atmosphere. Jimmy tapes some soda to the toaster and throws it, propelling the soda in outer space. Then, the rocket falls down to town and lands on his roof, which results in Jimmy being scolded by his parents.

Judy asks Jimmy why he disobeyed her again and Jimmy replied it's because he's been trying to make contact with an advanced alien race, who sent him a message that got gobbled in the ionosphere. Judy says he shouldn't talk to strangers, since they could be dangerous with Hugh agreeing with Judy about strangers, except for policemen. Jimmy gets off the roof and gets ready for school, but his antics cause him to miss the bus. Luckily, he tests his latest invention, a form of bubble transportation made from a special bubble gum. He catches up with the school bus, but the bubble pops when it hits a tree.

In the classroom, Cindy is giving a report on dinosaurs. When Cindy says that girl dinosaurs are better than boy dinosaurs, Jimmy proceeds to correct her with technical data. During show and tell, Jimmy shows Ms. Fowl and the class his new shrink ray. He attempts to shrink Cindy's head, but the ray malfunctions and does not work, however upon leaving class, the shrink ray suddenly shrinks Ms. Fowl, causing her to get tiny and end up battling a worm that has gotten out of an apple.

When walking home, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen spot a poster for an amusement park. Sheen gets excited about meeting Ultra Lord. Carl gets excited to touch a llama. However, their parents refuse to let them go due on a school night. Back home, Jimmy uses some hand-crafted pearls and a rare diamond to persuade Judy, but to no avail. When he tries another way, his rocket backpack is activated creating a mess. Jimmy then gets grounded for disobeying his mother again.

Meanwhile, the toaster is found by an egg-like alien race called the Yokians. They seem to be made of a green substance that contains no water, and they see with eye stalks. They use pods with hovering capability and robotic arms to move, but they fly spaceships in space (that look like chickens). King Goobot and his assistant, Ooblar, watch the message. Then, all the ships in the armada head to Earth.

After a brief talk about rockets with Hugh, he asks Goddard what he should do to convince his parents, which results in sneaking out. In the living room, Judy asks Hugh if they were wrong for not making Jimmy go to Retroland, but Hugh responds with that he is reflecting his ways responsibly. Jimmy later shrinks himself, escapes the house to find his friends, and head to the park to have lots of fun. Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen both go on many rides. Carl and Jimmy go on a tramway while Sheen goes to meet Ultra Lord, which is really a guy in a costume. Carl touches a Llama, and gets a button that says "I touched a llama." They then go on a roller coaster ride where the cars look like bats and Nick (who also snuck out) joins them as well.

Meanwhile, Judy and Hugh check up on Jimmy (which is Goddard under a blanket) to tell him that they love him no matter what. They soon realize that they have been too hard on Jimmy. Later, they read a book entitled, "Unwrapping Your Gifted Child" to find a way to make Jimmy feel happy. At that same moment, the Yokians arrive and abduct the adults in Retroville, along with Judy and Hugh.

On the way home, Carl spots a shooting star, so he, Jimmy, and Sheen wish for no more parents so they could have fun all the time and be free. The next morning, Jimmy spots the note set and reads it. The notes are the same for everyone, so Jimmy has Goddard scan for adult life forms. When the report comes back (none within radar range), the kids start celebrating and doing things they couldn't do normally. They eat tons of junk food, party like there's no tomorrow, and rampage all over the city.

The next morning, the craze has worn off and all the kids are sick from all the junk food, have gotten hurt, and don't know how to take care of themselves. Jimmy is upset that his parents didn't say goodbye and just left him. Goddard shows Jimmy what happened before his parents got abducted and becomes suspicious. Jimmy goes to his lab and compares the note the Yolkians left with notes his parents wrote. When the writing doesn't compare, Jimmy realizes that the notes are fake. Goddard finds evidence of aliens on the computer, and Jimmy tracks them to another system. He organizes the other kids in town to build a space armada from the theme park rides to travel there. Three days later, the rockets are ready and the kids set off to rescue the adults. While staying on an asteroid, everyone tearfully recalls what their parents did at bedtime before they were abducted by aliens.

The next morning, the kids reach Planet Yokus, and Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Cindy, Libby, and Goddard go to find the parents so they can call Nick and the others for backup, but they are all captured by the guards. Libby asks Goobot that what he wants with their parents. Goobot tells her that it's what Poultra wants. Cindy asks him what Poultra is. He says that he's tired of explaining and shows a newscast that says that Poultra is their god and the adults are to be sacrificed to her. He also reveals that Jimmy's message is what gave them the coordinates to earth. He orders his guards to throw the kids into the dungeon until they are adults, so they can be sacrificed as well and has Ooblar take Goddard to a torture chamber.

In the cell, the kids have given up hope, and Sheen and Nick start having a heated argument. Realizing this is all his fault, Jimmy starts crying and feeling bad about giving Goobot the coordinations to earth. Cindy then comes to the depressed Jimmy and comforts him. To get out of the cell, Jimmy calls Goddard on Libby's cell phone and tricks Ooblar into thinking Goddard will self-destruct in an explosion covering 30 square miles. Goddard frees the kids using a glitch in his obedience program (when told to play dead, he detonates in a small explosion, which blows down the door), and they make it to the arena where the parents will be sacrificed to Poultra. When they reach it, an unusual ceremony is finishing (with mind-control devices, the parents do the chicken dance!), and Poultra, a gigantic three-eyed chicken with reptilian legs, hatches from her egg. Jimmy quickly comes up with a plan: Sheen heads to an airfield to obtain a transport, he gets the mind controller, and the rest of the kids keep the guards busy.

They escape, but Goobot follows them in his ship at the head of the Yolkus fleet. He orders the ships to open fire. During the battle, Jimmy skims the surface of the sun, and flares destroy all but Goobot's ship. The king sends a taunting message to Jimmy, who flies out with Goddard. He uses his shrink ray to make himself the size of a planet and blows the ship into an oncoming asteroid. Goobot vows to return. The kids are reunited with their parents, and they make it home safe and sound. Jimmy and his parents later make amends to each other and decide to be a family again.

The next morning, Jimmy and Carl have eggs for breakfast and Judy and Hugh take a few sips of Jimmy's experimental soda and begin to burp uncontrollably. Realizing a picture of an atom (Jimmy's signature logo that could only be found on the front of his shirt), Judy yells "James Isaac Neutro--" before burping loudly. They all laugh and outside Goddard imitates a bird as he flies off while the film ends.

In a mid-credits scene, Ms. Fowl rides a caterpillar to the cafeteria as the thins eats the camera.


The movie received very positive reviews from critics and audiences and has a 75% approval on Rotten Tomatoes and was a box office hit. Despite the success of the film, the show remains more popular to this very day, and many people think the movie came during the early run of the show.

Canceled sequel and a possible reboot film

In June 2002, it was reported that Kate Boutilier had made a deal to write a sequel to the film titled Jimmy Neutron 2: The Search for Carl. However, there was not any progress in the project and was canceled. The plot was later reused in the GBA version of Jimmy Neutron vs. Jimmy Negatron.

In 2016, director John A. Davis has stated that he has a story for a Jimmy Neutron reboot feature that he would like to make, but he is waiting for the "right situation" to make it.

Deleted scenes

"If we blow up, whatever's left of me is kicking your butt."

  • In the theatrical trailer, there is a brief shot where Cindy is shown telling Jimmy, "If we blow up, whatever's left of me is kicking your butt." Television commercials for the movie had the line changed to "kicking your can." In the print novelization, Cindy says this line right before the kids blast off into space.
  • The trailer and novelization also include two other lines of dialogue from Cindy that were ultimately unused in the film. The first of these is her response to Jimmy introducing his shrink ray, which was originally "Will it work on your big head?" (in the finished film, she says "What's the matter, Neutron? Aren't you short enough already?") The other line is "For a nerd, he sure comes in handy." The trailer suggests that she was to say this right before she and Jimmy smile at each other while flying through outer space. The novelization, however, has her saying it to Jimmy after he saves her from being attacked by one of the Yokian guards.
  • The novelization also includes a few other scenes that were cut or changed in the movie itself:
    • A prologue scene is added, showing the Yolkians arriving in the solar system and setting a course for earth.
    • The scene with Cindy and Libby in Cindy's bedroom (right after Jimmy sneaks out of his house) is slightly longer. Libby asks Cindy if she ever thinks about getting married. Cindy balks at this because she thinks boys are disgusting, but Libby teases her about her crush on Nick.
    • Another scene with the Yolkians arriving on earth while Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen are at Retroland is included. The Yolkians on the ship receives a video call from King Goobot, and when one of the crew members fails to salute, he is promptly ejected in outer space. Goobot proclaims to commence kidnapping the humans, reminding Captain Spoor to only grab the large specimens because size does matter.
    • After the sequence with the kids celebrating not having their parents around, there is a scene where the Yolkian ships return to Yolkus with the enslaved parents. King Goobot tries out the remote control for the Hats of Obedience, using Hugh Neutron as his test subject. But then Hugh's Hat malfunctions and he briefly reverts back to normal, much to Goobot's annoyance. When Captain Spoor's first officer points out that it was a result of the device being manipulated too aggressively, Goobot obliterates the unfortunate Yokian with his Doomstick (a device not seen in the movie).
    • After the kids blast off into space, there is an extra scene with King Goobot and Ooblar at the Yokian marination plant, discussing their plans to feed the adults to Poultra. They then start poking each of the adults, causing them to scream.
    • After Jimmy shuts off the hypnosis on the adults and they begin to escape, King Goobot uses his Doomstick on Ooblar.
    • During the kids' battle with Poultra, there's a brief scene where Sheen sneaks around the spaceport hangar and hijacks the large space freighter that the humans later use to escape Yolkus.
    • The novelization includes a Yokian character called Captain Spoor, who is in charge of their expedition to the solar system and, in the novelization, is the one who receives Jimmy's message. A brief clip and audio of Spoor watching Jimmy's message can be seen in the theatrical trailer. In the finished film, that scene is changed so that King Goobot directly sees the message himself.
    • In the film, Jimmy's Bubble Travel is engaged by chewing a gumball and blowing it up. But in the trailer, Jimmy hits the ends of his shoes to engage it.
    • The trailer shows three unknown yokians screaming and running away from Goddard. This suggests that those three yokians were supposed to disassemble Goddard instead of Ooblar trying to disassemble Goddard in the finished film.


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