"Gotta Jet"

Jet Fusion's catchphrase

Jet Fusion is Jimmy's, Carl's, and Sheen's favorite spy. He is a parody of James Bond ("bond" and "fusion" mean the same thing). He works for BTSO and sometimes teams up with Jimmy whenever he's recruited for a mission. Graduating from universities: MIT, CalTech, and Hartland, Jet took up extreme sports as a part of a research project, when an agent placed him in the movie industry for action films. When BTSO found out about his blinding charisma and abilities, they recruited him and he became their best agent. For that, being an action movie star proved to be a perfect cover as a secret agent. 


  • He weighs 250 lbs and he is height 6'2".
  • His catchphrase is "Gotta Jet!", which is where Jimmy probably got his catchphrase from.
  • He wears a tuxedo similar to what James Bond wears with the sleeves ripped off.
  • When he was in high school, his gym teacher was a man named Carl Sheenster.
  • He is possibly where Jimmy got his hairstlye.


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