Intergalactic Showdown was a TV show that appeared in the episode "Win, Lose and Kaboom". It's host is Meldar Prime. The show focuses on 4 species getting kidnapped and fighting for their home planet. There could only be 1 winner and 3 losers. It was discontinued when Meldar was defeated and shortly after that the show was replaced by infomercials. 


Florgus Ball

In this event, Jimmy and the others versed against the Gorlocks to throw a ball into a goal while riding giant bug-like creatures called Florguses.

Mountain Menice

In this event, Jimmy and the others had to verse against the Needle Heads to retrieve one mushroom from inside a cave where a small but dangerous beast lives in.

Can You Eat This?

In this event, Jimmy and the others versed the Needle Heads again to try to eat something without getting poisoned. Whenever it's a food from Earth or another planet.

Obstacle Course

In this event, Jimmy and the others raced against the Brains across a dangerous obstacle course. Across a large gap by jumping across floating plates, jumping over a tall wall, across a river of boiling lava using a giant crystal as a bridge and going through a dangerous metal door with grabber claws.

Trivia Question

In this event, Jimmy and one of the Gorlocks first had to bash a gong and the one who bashed it first receives a trivia question. Luckily, Hugh was able to answer the question correctly which caused Jimmy and the others to win Intergalactic Showdown.





  • Home planet gets destroyed
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