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I Dream of Jimmy

The title card for I Dream of Jimmy.

Episode 6b
Season 1
Airdate September 27, 2002
Invention Dreaming Injector 5000
Really Smart Experiment
Previous Raise the Oozy Scab
Next The Phantom of Retroland

"I Dream of Jimmy" is the second segment of the fifth episode of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.


In this episode, Carl gets very tired because of his nightmares, which is interfering with Jimmy's science, so he decides to help Carl by going into his dreams with one of his inventions and helping him whenever something bad happens in the dream. Jimmy goes into his dreams and tells Sheen to wake Carl up if he's in any danger. In Carl's dream, Carl is the boy genius and Jimmy is the dumb student. Jimmy’s forced to be a test subject on Carl's show-and-tell class experiment, which is basically an electric chair. This sends shock to Jimmy and hurts him. After realizing that what Carl does in the dream actually happens to him, Jimmy tries to tell Carl that it's a dream, but he won't listen.

Jimmy eventually finds out that Carl is having bad dreams because of a Lima Bean Monster (due to the fact that Carl hates Lima beans) chasing him. It was “a little pipsqueak” hiding under Carl’s bed playing a harmonica. Jimmy was astonished that this lima bean was keeping Carl from sleeping peacefully. Jimmy turned away from the monster and faced towards his friend, questioning him if this little guy is really the source of the nightmares. As he is doing this, the Lima Bean Monster tossed the harmonica in his mouth, swallowed it whole, and started to rapidly expand in height and weight, almost quadrupling his initial size. Carl hinted to Jimmy to turn around.

It started growling and chasing Jimmy and Carl. While running Jimmy tells Carl he's going to prove that the Lima Bean Monster is logically impossible using non-euclidean geometry while Carl is taking notes, his pen transforms into a worm. This improbability makes Jimmy realize he needs to do something so unbelievably stupid to make Carl realize he is dreaming.

Cindy appears and Jimmy kisses her. After the passionate act, Carl realizes that he must be dreaming and a portal appears. They have run through that, escaping his dream. Jimmy tries to tell Sheen to wake Carl up, but Sheen fell asleep when trying to get Carl to fall asleep. Once again, he tries to tell Carl it's a dream, but he still won't listen. Realizing that logic isn't working, when Cindy walks in, Jimmy does something that he would not do in real life, to prove to Carl it's a dream, he does the unthinkable: he kisses Cindy on the lips.

Carl finally noticing that it's a dream wakes up, and Jimmy finds the portal and escapes from the dream. After Carl wakes up, Jimmy angrily criticizes him for not listening to him.

Suddenly, the Lima Bean Monster walks out of the dream machine and Jimmy warns Sheen its behind him. Sheen doesn't believe it until he turns to see it and the bean chases the kids and Goddard. However, Jimmy manages to crush it to death with a hammer. The next scene shows them all outside with the close-up of a toasted giant bean. Jimmy shares an agriculture lifehack: Phaseolus limensis perish when they are exposed to dry air and overly nitrogeneous soil. Carlton contradicts this by saying that Jimmy struck the Lima Bean Monster with a hammer, Jimmy reluctantly acknowledges this.

At the end, Jimmy, Sheen and Carl are together in the kitchen, slicing the giant bean, ready to eat it and talking about what happened when Judy comes home with Hugh who has a painful stomachache saying "Your father got overexcited and ate a bolt that fell off a grocery cart" in which Hugh says, "It was grape shaped". After Jimmy tells Carl to keep it a secret on what he had to do to wake up Carl, as an angry Cindy comes in. She says "Not even in his dreams, Neutron!", implying Carl had told Cindy what he did to wake him up. Cindy promptly slaps Jimmy in the face before walking out while Carl is shown to have a guilty expression.

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Sheen: *rubs Carl's belly to help him sleep* "Nonny nonny..." *yawns*  "good-night, moon..." *falls asleep*

Jimmy: Well, that doesn't make any sense!

Carl: "The square root of a Flexnard is a cup full of boogers."

Jimmy: That’s what you’re scared of? A stupid Lima bean? I know you hate them Carl but they’re not scary.

Jimmy: Sheen, don't move! There's a giant man-eating Lima bean behind you!

Sheen: "Ha! You guys! I haven't believed in that since I was like 7!"

'*Sheen turns around to see the bean monster, realizing the truth. It roars, and everyone screams and runs off. A loud banging sound is heard. Cut to the kitchen with Sheen, Carl and Jimmy holding plates of giant Lima bean slices.*

Jimmy: Luckily, as all bean farmers know, Phaseolus lunatis perishes when exposed to dry air and overly nitrogenic soil.

Carl: But, you hit it with a hammer.

Judy: Oh come on honey, right this way, it's okay. (sighs) Your father got overexcited and ate a bolt that fell off a grocery cart.

Hugh: It was grape shaped.

Judy: Yes.

Jimmy: Carl, you have any idea when you're doing to wake me up?

Carl: Of course not, Jimmy!

Cindy: Not even in his dreams Neutron! (slaps Jimmy)


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  • The title of this episode is a title parody of the 1960’s television program I Dream of Jeanie.
    • The music played during the title card is a parody of the theme from said show.
  • This is the first time Jimmy kisses Cindy; albeit in Carl's dream.
  • When Jimmy was looking for Carl with the binoculars, he was looking through them the wrong way.
  • This episode has a similar plot to the Dexter's Laboratory episode "Dream Machine" and the Family Guy episode "A Lot Going on Upstairs", although said episode aired 14 years later.
  • In this episode, it is revealed that Sheen has a little sister. We also know that he lives with his father and grandmother.
  • Libby does not physically appear in this episode. However, she appears in the dream parts.
  • This is the first episode where Cindy technically appears without Libby, unless you count the dream parts.
  • The Lima Beans make a cameo in the audience in Win, Lose and Kaboom!
  • Carl, Sheen and Judy all make a variation of Bugs Bunny's classic line from Space Jam "If I weren't real could I do this?" This line was referenced again by Cosmo in Jimmy Timmy Power Hour.
  • Coincidentally, this episode along with Raise the Oozy Scab aired on Debi Derryberry's birthday.
  • This episode reveals Carl's last name.
  • Hugh is getting hurt twice in this episode. First is when his tongue being pulled through his left ear by Judy in Carl's dream and the second one is the one when he and Judy arrive home and gets sick with a stomachache from eating a bolt that fell off a grocery cart which is mistakenly seen as a gutter grape on the near of the episode's epilogue.
  • There's a type of graphic error when Judy brings sickly Hugh into the house and tells the boys that Hugh just eaten a bolt. Her left hand is keep floating in the air and doesn't move correctly, also that hand doesn't place right on Hugh's back and keeps floating a little bit far from his back until the next scene, her hand looks placed right again on his back.

A noticeable error could be seen (circled in red outline) in which Judy's left hand strangely keeps floating on Hugh's back and doesn't place right on it

Language Dub Reference

  • In the Cantonese Chinese version, Jimmy also says "bean chop hung" in the episode.
  • In the Mandarin Chinese version, Jimmy says "green lime bean" in the episode.
  • In the Putonghua version, Jimmy had said: "hung Lima" in the episode.
  • In the Taiwanese Mandarin version, Jimmy accidentally said "Lima n****r" in the episode.
  • Latvian and Lithuanian are voiceovers.
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