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Hubert Beaumont "Hugh" Neutron is a major character in the Jimmy Neutron franchise.

Official Description

"It's clear that Jimmy didn't inherit his genius from his dad, Hugh. Hugh is kind of goofy (OK , really goofy), but he's always in a good mood. When it comes to discipline, he's clueless, and leaves the hardcore parenting stuff to Jimmy's mom, Judy (who he affectionately calls Sugar Booger). Hugh collects wooden ducks as a hobby, but he's almost as fascinated by Jimmy's neato toys as Jimmy is. Strangely, he was president of the Brain Teaser Club in high school."


Hugh is a tall man who wears glasses. He has brown hair as well as brown eyes. He wears a blue sweater vest with a red tie over a white shirt, navy blue pants, and brown loafers with gold buckles.

In the pilot and shorts, he wears a blue suit jacket instead of a sweater vest. He has an unusually shaped nose, which most Neutrons have (except for Jimmy and Baby Eddie). 


Hugh's personality seems to be on the quirky side of things and is the sort of person who prefers to do things his way. Despite his odd quirks and absent-mindedness, he is fatherly, caring, well-meaning, and good natured. He absolutely loves ducks and pie.

He is shown to be forgetful at some times like in "The Feud", when he forgets that his neighbor and Carl's father, Ebenezer Wheezer had already returned his lawn lopper weeks ago and later lent it to Sam Melvick. This caused him and Ebenezer to start a feud with each other and separate their kids from each other. He later remembers after Sheen was paid by Sam to send him a message through his Reach Out and Touch A Friend Program, revealing that Sam had his lawn lopper the whole time, and that both families (excluding Jimmy and Carl) had started a feud with each other all for nothing.

Sometimes, Hugh causes the show's problem when he messes with Jimmy's inventions. Hugh seems dim-witted, but is actually very clever and competent (which Jimmy has obviously inherited). He loves to clean and polish his models of ducks and sometimes will even talk to them. He calls his wife by the nickname "Sugar Booger". Hugh may have taken gymnastics at one point, as he uses this to evade Poultra in "The Eggpire Strikes Back." In the movie, he was fairly intelligent, hardly showing signs of any odd behaviors. For the rest of the franchise however, he quickly became the typical bumbling, but well-meaning and supportive dad. In spite of his odd behavior, his family respects and love him very much.



  • His most passionate hobbies are ducks and pies.
  • In "Nightmare in Retroville," it is seen that in some ways, Octopus Man is to Hugh what Ultra Lord is to Sheen.
  • In "Time is Money", it is revealed that once, Hugh had an opportunity to go into business with McSpanky's and make a fortune, but chose instead to use his investment money to buy a wedding ring for Judy. If he did invest, he would've become a rich snob and a neglectful, uncaring parent to Jimmy.  
  • In the pilot, shorts and the movie, he was smarter and his voice was deeper. In the show, he's more bumbling and his voice is a bit higher. Also, in the movie, Hugh was not shown to be interested in pie. 
  • Hugh's favorite kind of pizza is hot fudge and anchovy, as mentioned in Sleepless in Retroville
  • Like Jimmy, Carl and Sheen, Hugh is best friends with Mr. Estevez and Mr. Wheezer
  • As seen in "Attack of the Twonkies" Hugh is a master at slow motion.
  • He loves to eat the grapes that roll away from their container at the supermarket, especially to stop them from becoming raisins, which he hates.
  • Jimmy's relationship with his parents is very strong, but due to him being shown to spend more time with his father, Jimmy has a slightly stronger bond with him.
  • To help himself sleep, Hugh list all the types of pie in alphabetical order.
    • However he usually starts with "cherry" and has to be reminded by Judy to start with "apple".
  • Hugh's full name is "Hugh Beaumont Neutron". Hugh Beaumont was the actor who starred on Leave It to Beaver 1957 as Beaver's father, Ward Cleaver. 
  • He can't remember the entire fifth year of his marriage due to one of Jimmy's inventions (Granny Baby). 
  • Hugh is the only main character in the franchise to not gain changes in his appearance in the TV series.
  • In Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinators, when he and Judy were teleported into RetroDimmsdaleville, they meet Timmy Turner's parents.
  • In a parody called Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour, his head comes off because of an aggressive pizza.


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