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Hall Monster
Hall Monster (Title Card).png

The title card for Hall Monster.

Episode 9a
Season 1
Airdate November 1, 2002
Invention Hall Monitor Equipment:
Hall Pass Afetocator
ID and Vetrotech Scanner
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"Hall Monster" is the first segment of the 9th episode of season one. 


When Chuck Lester, the school hall monitor, moves to Greece, Ms. Fowl draws a name out of a hat to determine the next hall monitor. When Jimmy's name is pulled out, he is shocked and believes it to be the worst job ever. However, Principal Willoughby tells Jimmy that Albert Einstein was hall monitor at his school and Jimmy begins warming up to the job. He also learns that he can cause trouble to anyone who breaks the rules or insults him according to Cindy and Libby, and the power goes to his head. He invents some devices to help him with his job, but quickly gets out of control by being cruel and abusive to everyone.

After his father reminds him not to get out of control, Jimmy says the password accidentally to make Goddard reveal the video surveillance and sees what he's been doing all along and, out of remorse, tries to resign his duties as a hall monitor, but Ms. Fowl states that hall monitors can't do that and have to be fired for breaking the rules. Jimmy then breaks the rules on purpose, doing all the things he accused his friends of doing, and is demoted. Sheen is then picked as the new hall monitor and is called the Ultra Monitor and everyone runs over him.


  • Jimmy: Are you conducting a secret meeting? Is this a conspiracy to start a riot?! Up against the wall, spread 'em!
  • Cindy: Okay, Neutron, you're outta control! I'm making a citizen's arrest!
  • Sheen: I want a public defender!
  • Libby: I..I want my music!
  • Carl: (cries) I want my mommy! (whimpers, then brightens) And some fudge!
  • Jimmy: Red alert, Goddard! This is not a drill! This floor is on lockdown! Incarcerate the troublemakers! (Goddard shoots a net that traps Carl, Sheen, Cindy, and Libby)

  • Cindy: (about Jimmy) I think your friend's hat is on a little too tight.
  • Sheen: His hats are always too tight. Look at his head.
  • Carl: Maybe we should get Principal Willoughby.

  • Jimmy: You've exceeded the number of llama stickers on your lunchbox!
  • Carl: (nervously) I know...but I, I have a special permit.

  • Libby: (After Jimmy gives Cindy a ticket for having pants too short) Why don't you do something useful and arrest yourself for being a dork?
  • Jimmy: Is that music you're listening to?
  • Libby: Yeah. It's the new song by the Cute Multicultural Boys With No Attitude.
  • Jimmy: There is no pop, punk, funk house, blues, rock, roll, oldies or easy listening allowed in the halls. Goddard, confiscate. (Goddard reaches up and snatches Libby's headphones and CD player away)
  • Libby: Uh oh! (gasps) Music withdrawal! (shrieks) Skin ... feeling ... clammy! (she faints and falls to the floor, shaking and sucking her thumb)
  • Sheen: Woah, that was on the harsh side.

  • Libby [singing] I miss my music
  • Sheen [singing] Nah, nah, nah, nah.
  • Libby [singing] I miss it so bad I could cry
  • Sheen [singing] Nah, nah, nah, nah.
  • Libby [singing] If I don't get my music...
  • Jimmy [to Libby when she's singing in detention]: Lady, we don't sing the blues here. [Sheen bangs his cup across the bars.] No tin cup banging, gumboy.
  • Sheen: Aw Man.
  • Jimmy: [to Cindy] And no carving keys to your cell out of soap.

  • Sheen [before getting picked up and carried out of the school by numerous students]: Ultra Hall Monitor says: None shall pass!


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  • Chuck broke the rules by blocking Jimmy and his friends from entering the school. He probably did this just to give them two additional demerits out of spite. 
  • One of the stickers on Carl's lunchbox looks like Igglybuff from the Pokémon series. Also, this picture appears in Jimmy's house in the living room too.
  • After being briefly seen and heard in a few episodes, this episode properly reveals Carl's last name.
  • Cindy's pants are 11 and 3 quarter inches.
  • This episode is very similar to the SpongeBob SquarePants episode, "Hall Monitor" where the protagonist also becomes the new Hall Monitor and both Jimmy and SpongeBob become corrupt and abusive with their power and have to give up their positions to prevent things getting worse for them or the people they care about. The key difference between these two episodes is how both protagonists take different approaches to their hall monitor positions: Jimmy initially rolls his eyes at the idea of being elected hall monitor, while SpongeBob is really excited to put on the hat and belt.
  • Despite moving away, Chuck Lester made a few short appearances in later episodes.
  • Judy doesn't appear in this episode.
    • This is also the first episode Hugh appears without Judy.
  • For unknown reasons, Goddard is treated as a new invention in this episode, as he is the showcased invention at the start of the episode and even the foreshadowed solution to the plot's conflict.
  • The group Libby was listening to the Multicultured Boys With No Attitude is a parody of the hip-hop group N****z Wit Attitudes.
  • Jimmy's dad starts using ladders to remind characters about important moral lessons (don't abuse power, don't get obsessed with stardom, etc) in this episode. He also begins falling down them as he exits.


  • Libby, despite being the one reminding Cindy that Jimmy can get them into trouble, is still disrespectful to Jimmy later in the episode.
  • Jimmy states that Cindy's pants are 11 and 3 quarter inches and thus are too short for pants yet long for shorts, but it would depend on the size of the person wearing them.

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