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Grandma Taters is the antagonist of the episode: One of Us. She is a seemingly sweet elderly woman who is Mr. Fluffy's owner and the former host of The Happy Show Show.


Grandma Taters appears as an elderly human woman with graying hair and glasses, wearing stereotypically "sweet" clothing befitting her nickname, and speaks with a very endearing voice.

Her eyes are kindly, until she reveals her true nature as an alien, during which they become pitch black. Similarly, her voice may take on a deep, multilayered tone when angered.


On the surface, Taters is seemingly as kindly and sweet as her appearance would imply, but this is a facade designed to entice people into her schemes, which involves brainwashing. She will continue this facade even as she engages those who see past her sweet image, more than happy to pit her wits against them. When engaging Cindy in one-on-one combat however, she showed a very aggressive streak. Luckily, Jimmy and Cindy stopped her evil plan and returned their friends and families back to normal. When she went back to her planet with her sisters, she vowed revenge on the two.


  • Grandma Taters is more than likely a parody of DC Comics supervillainess Granny Goodness.
  • Sometimes, her eyes turn into dark alien eyes. She is able to shoot laser beams from her alien eyes. It is easily considered the scariest moment in the entire show.
  • In "One of Us," it was possible that Grandma Taters was Professor Calamitous in disguise, but it was soon revealed that she wasn't.
  • At the end of "One of Us," her threat to Jimmy and Cindy was likely a parody of the Terminator.
  • Grandma Taters made a cameo appearance in "Best in Show", where she was holding her cat, Mr. Fluffy.
  • In Grumpy Young Men she makes a cameo in the Candy Bar during senior day for the senior specials.