Jimmy Neutron Goddard Come Home
Goddard, Come Home!
is a Jimmy Neutron book about Goddard.


Carl accidentally throws Goddard's flying bone to far and Goddard follows it which leads him towards town. He then becomes friends with a beagle who takes him to it's owners' house. The beagle's owners then dognap Goddard and lock him in a cage and take him away. Jimmy, Carl and Sheen jump onto their bikes and head off to the rescue.

They track Goddard to a place called Robotics Inc. They climb through a window and look around. They discover the beagle's owners are evil robots in disguise who captured Goddard to use his energy for their robot army to take over the world. Jimmy, Carl and Sheen had to find a way to stop them and rescue Goddard.

Jimmy, Carl and Sheen start to fight the army of evil robots. Jimmy pulls off a control panel off one of the robots and then it freezes. The three boys pull off the control panels on each one of the robots until all of them were frozen.

Jimmy, Carl and Sheen then find Goddard under a pile of boxes and rescue him. They also find Goddard's beagle friend who the three boys help find a new family for him.


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