Jimmy traveling to Evil Earth to defeat Evil Jimmy

Evil Earth was a clone of the original Earth, created by Evil Jimmy using Jimmy's cloning machine. It is said to not be an exact copy of Earth, as it's darker in appearance since it's made of some dark matter and everyone acts contrary to their alternate selves thanks to Evil Jimmy's use of a Dark Matter Power Chip. Its only appearance is in the episode "The Trouble with Clones" and by the end of the episode it got trapped into the Dark Matter Dimension due to evil Jimmy breaking the power chip before it could fade into oblivion. 


  • On Evil Earth, Evil Sheen likes Robo-Fiend, Ultra Lord's arch nemesis, rather than Ultra Lord himself. Ironically, he's still wearing an Ultra Lord shirt. 
  • Being kind, including being polite and complimenting, is a sign of disrespect on evil earth, just like being mean, including being rude and insulting is on original Earth.
  • In the planned season four, Evil Jimmy and his minions would've escaped from the Dark Matter Dimension and attacked Jimmy and his class on a field trip to the moon. 


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