El Magnifico (episode)

The title card for El Magnifico

Episode 18a
Season 3
Airdate November 25, 2006
Invention El Magnifico Superhero Suit
Previous King of Mars
Next Best in Show

"El Magnifico" is a Season 3 episode of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.


Mr. Estevez is worried that Sheen may love Ultra Lord more than him. In order to impress his son, he begs Jimmy to build him a super hero suit. Watch out, here comes, El Magnifico!

After Jimmy builds the suit, he arranges the debut of El Magnifico at the Retroville Zoo. It involves a couple of scenerios to impress Sheen. Jimmy communicates with Carl via microphone and instructs him to release the zebras from their cage, causing a stampede. El Magnifico uses his ray beam powers to lift up Sheen and Carl just in the nick of time. The scenior involves being resuced from a fallen tree, which goes well with El Magnifico blasting the wood. However, a tree limb flies into the power line and interfeers with the radio transmission.

Unable to hear properly Carl jitters words that make no sense. Confused and impatient, El Magnifico takes ahold of Sheen and Carl and flies them over the zoo. The screen is then cut to Jimmy who has a worried look due to the flyover not being part of the plan he rehearsed.

The trio fly over the alligator exhibit where they see the gator sneaking up on a duck. Carl tells them they should go resuce the duck. They land in the pit and confront the gator. El Magnifico tries to use his superpowers, but is unsuccessful due to the powers depleeating. He then confesses to Sheen that Jimmy helped him on build the aritficial suit and he has no superpowers after all. Sheen forgives his dad and states that he always loved him as a person and dad.

This regains the confidence of Mr. Estevez who then assess the situation on how to survive a hungry gator. He uses his quick thinking and discovers the Thermostat controls. Using his AC repairman skills, he manipulates the temperature and knocks ectothermic reptiles out cold. Sheen admits to his father that while Ultra Lord may be a superhero, Mr. Estevez is a great father. The gang celebrates the victory with a trip to the Candy Bar for ice cream.


Jimmy: Sheen! Carl! Are you ready to see Ultra Lord Franchise Film 24? Carl: It is the same as Ultra Lord Franchise Film 23 but with eight minutes of new footage! Sheen: Eight glorious minutes? See ya dad!

Mr. Estevez: Sheen says you are a science whiz... so please whiz!

Mr. Estevez: Son, I have a confession to make. Your friend Jimmy made me this suit. I don't really have the super powers, I pretended to so you will love me. I felt you loved Ultra Lord more than me. Sheen: What? Dad don't be silly. I love you with my dying breath. (sees crocodile approaching) WHICH WILL BE IN ABOUT THIRTY SECONDS!

(After Sheen's ukulele breaks) Carl: MUST F-FLAT ALWAYS SPELL OUR DOOM!



  • Posters from Lights! Camera! Danger!, Stranded and The N Men are seen in the movie theaters.
  • El Magnifico is a Spanish parody of Iron Man.
  • In the movie; Mr. Estevez is shown to be an Ultra Lord fan. But in this episode, he doesn't seem to have any interest in Ultra Lord.
  • A Twonkie can be seen twice in the episode; once on the hot dog stand when Carl yells, “Help! Danger!” and again when he runs off with the stampede at the end.
  • Cindy, Libby and Judy do not appear in this episode.
  • This is the last time Hugh mentions pie.
  • This episode aired during WACK along with King of Mars and Best in Show.
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