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El Magnifico (episode)

The title card for El Magnifico

Episode 18a
Season 3
Airdate November, 25 2006
Invention El Magnifico Superhero Suit
Previous King of Mars
Next Best in Show

"El Magnifico" is a Season 3 episode of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.


Mr. Estevez is worried that Sheen may love Ultra Lord more than him. In order to impress his son, he begs Jimmy to build him a super hero suit. Watch out, here comes, El Magnifico!


  • Posters from Lights! Camera! Danger!, Stranded and The N Men are seen in the movie theaters.
  • El Magnifico is a Spanish parody of Iron Man.
  • In the movie; Mr. Estevez is shown to be an Ultra Lord fan. But in this episode, he doesn't seem to have any interest in Ultra Lord.
  • A Twonkie can be seen twice in the episode; once on the hot dog stand when Carl yells, “Help! Danger!” and again when he runs off with the stampede at the end.
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