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Dorkus Aurelius was the royal adviser in the TV series Planet Sheen.

Physical Appearance

He appears to be green with a Grim Reaper-like cloak with a knot to keep it steady. He also has untrimmed fingernails and yellow teeth.


Dorkus is mad that Sheen broke his house, and constantly tries to destroy Sheen, like when he sent the guards to take Sheen to the Palace of Pain. He has a floating one eyed head creature minion with bat wings and two little legs named Pinter who constantly praises Dorkus. In The Boy Next Dorkus, Dorkus's house was finally rebuilt until it blew up again, due to Sheen accidentally tossing a cluster bomb into it.

His villainy comes out of jealousy of Sheen's relationship with The Emperor and that he has his old position as royal adviser. Also, he has a odd relationship with his mother as shown in The Boy Next Dorkus as one of his comment cards asked where would he go if he want back in time. He said he would go back in time he would congratulate his mother for giving birth to after she gave birth, but in Thanksgetting, he was mad at his mother for never giving him an action figure he always wanted, because it burns him on fire with its fire breathing action. One of his schemes involves a cluster bomb that blew up. 


  • He seems to be King Goobot V’s Planet Sheen counterpart.
  • Dorkus' last name is Aurelius, as revealed in "Trial by Jerry".
  • Dorkus' full name might be a reference to the Roman emperor, Marcus Aurelius.
  • Dorkus is revealed to write plays on the side under the pen name, Judy in the episode, "Act One Sheen One."
  • He resembles Darth Sidious from the Star Wars series (hense his face, and the way he has his hood is placed).
  • Due to his skin pigment and emaciated physique Dorkus also bares a resemblance to Skeletor from "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe."
  • He is often ridiculed by Sheen, due to the "dork" part in his name.