Cutting the Ultra-Cord
Cutting the Ultra Cord

Title Card for Cutting the Ultra-Cord

Episode 6A
Season 1
Airdate November 19, 2010
Invention N/A
Previous Well Bread Man
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Cutting the Ultra-Cord is the first segment of the sixth episode of Planet Sheen from season one.


Mr. Nesmith and Doppy are worried about Sheen's erratic behavior when he starts acting unusual and out of control. Dorkus suggests therapy by spending time with a man-eating Fusterbeast, but this is really a trap to destroy Sheen. When Nesmith and Doppy are in danger, Sheen realizes that he misses Ultra Lord, which is why he was acting weird in the first place. He rescues them and realizes that he doesn't need Ultra Lord anymore, since on Zeenu, he's a superhero too. Then, the Fusterbeest chases Dorkus after he stepped on her husband. 

Sheen's Starlog Entry

"Dear Grandma,

So I used to miss Ultra Lord, but now that I'm kinda doing his thing here, I'm okay with it. I love this planet and all my new friends. Of course I'll always miss you the most.

Love, Sheen"


  • Sheen permanently loses his obession with Ultra Lord in this episode. 
  • Ultra Lord makes a special guest appearance in Sheen's fantasy sequences. Jim Cummings reprises his role from the original series.
  • This is the final episode to feature Sheen in his iconic Ultra Lord shirt. 
  • The guitar Sheen uses in his fantasy is the same one he used in Battle of the Band.
  • Sheen says the title of a certain Jimmy Neutron episode in this episode. 
Ultra Lord in Planet Sheen

Ultra Lord's guest appearance