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The following is a transcript for the short Cookie Time.

Intro and Outro Voice: Jimmy Neutron, boy genius in! Cookie time!

Jimmy in in the bushes outside the kitchen a pair of binoculars in hand as he looks inside at the tin of cookies

Jimmy: Ah-ha cookies! You know what that means Goddard?

Goddard puts up his own seeing-eye device and spots a spoon on the counter, he pants In excitement.

Jimmy: That’s right, we’re going in!

Jimmy sneaks in with Goddard, he tries to sneak a cookie from the cookie jar but his mother catches him

Judy: James Isaac Neutron you put that cookie back you’ll spoil your dinner.

Jimmy: Aw mom just one little cookie.

Judy: Well okay, you can have one cookie.

Jimmy: Don’t mind if I do.

He takes the cookie and chews on it he uses his time remote to rewind to the point where his mom says ‘well okay, you can have one cookie’. Judy’s voice is all distorted as she says well. Jimmy who’s mouth is already full with the old cookie takes the new duplicate.

Jimmy: Don’t mind if I do.

Judy: Well okay, you can have one cookie.

Jimmy: Don’t mind if I do!

He swallows all three cookies and then looks at the camera

Jimmy: Isn’t time travel great! Ha ha

Goddard grabs and eats the spoon on the counter and then as Jimmy nabs a fourth cookie via time manipulation he spots the remote and tries to eat that. Jimmy feels him tug it away and tries to wrestle it away from him

Jimmy: NO! gah. Let go Goddard! I said NO!

Goddard and Jimmy in the midst of fighting over it push a button and end up transported to the distant past. Where the dinosaurs are. A giant t-Rex eyes them

Jimmy: Want a cookie?

Jimmy tried to offer the cookie but the dinosaur roars and steps forward. Screaming Jimmy and Goddard Run away as the screen dissolves to black.

Intro and Outro voice: For more Jimmy neutron adventures keep watching on nick! And to visit Jimmy online, go to Jimmy Neutron dot com.

Jimmy in his rocket flies past.

Jimmy: Gotta blast!

End Card.