Cookie Time

Episode 2
Season 0
Airdate October 10, 2000
Invention Quantum Replay
Previous Carl Squared
Next Hyper Corn

Cookie Time is a Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius short.


Jimmy tries to get cookies, but to have brussels sprouts for dinner, his mother tells him just one cookie. Jimmy uses his latest invention, the Quantum Replay to repeat in four times. Goddard then tries to eat the remote, causing him and Jimmy to end up time traveling in prehistory. Jimmy then asks a tyrannosaurus rex if it wants a cookie. But then, it chases after him and Goddard.


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  • There in an online game with the same name as the short.
  • Some elements of the short's storyline were later recycled in the TV Series episode Sorry, Wrong Era.


This is a video of the short.

Jimmy Neutron Cookie Time-0

Jimmy Neutron Cookie Time-0

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