Commander Baker is an African American spy employee who is the Big Top Secret Organization commander. Baker appeared in "Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion" and "My Big Fat Spy Wedding."

It is stated in "My Big Fat Spy Wedding" that he did something illegal when he implanted a tracking chip inside Beautiful Gorgeous' head. Baker is also at a constant upset by all the embarrassing pictures of him when he's showing Jimmy his mission. He was voiced by the late Michael Clarke Duncan.


"My Big Fat Spy Wedding"

Baker summoned Jimmy once again to give him a mission. But as he started the slideshow, the first image that came up was one where he was afraid to go into water, which his staff mildly snickered at. He accused them of putting that slide up, to which they quickly denied. Getting back to the subject on hand, he explained that Beautiful Gorgeous had been released two weeks earlier of her 45 year sentence on good behaviour. Baker assumes that she's up to something and he wants Beautiful tailed. Jimmy asks why not sent Jet Fusion, a sentiment Baker's staff agreed with. After regaining control of his staff, he explained that Jet is on vacation and gets Jimmy to accept the mission by threatening to cry and beg. He then shows Jimmy that they inserted a tracking device in her brain (when Jimmy asks about the legality of doing this, Baker ignores the question) to help him locate her. He then dismisses Jimmy.

Later, Jimmy reports that Jet is marrying Beautiful. The news is so shocking that Baker faints, at which he is revived with shrimp and asks "What bizarre, unfathomable universe have we entered?" (Sheen cuts in that he said that too before Jimmy pushes him aside). Jimmy says that he knows she up to something and vows to find out what.

Baker later became the minister after Jimmy assumed that Beautiful had reformed. As he began the ceremony, Beautiful was in hurry to get it over with, to his annoyance. Soon, Carl and Sheen burst in, revealing that Beautiful hypnotized Jet into attacking anyone who says, "I have the ring". Jet attacks them for both saying it (Baker comments that he thought Jet would get cold feet). Quickly, Jimmy told everyone in the church to say, "I have the ring." This snaps Jet out of it. He then captures Beautiful.

As Beautiful is carted off to jail and Jet pursues her, Baker tells Jimmy and friends that they all had learned a valuable lesson: they can all sing pretty well, except Sheen.


  • His personality is very similar to M from the James Bond series.
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