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Carl Squared

Airdate September 12, 2000
Invention Cloning Machine
Next Cookie Time

Carl Squared is the first Jimmy Neutron short made after the original Johnny Quasar demonstration video and the Runaway Rocketboy! short. This short and the others after this was made to promote the then upcoming Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius film.


Jimmy is bugged by a Carl full of questions. Then another, then another, then....


This short is 1 minute, 46 seconds long. The short begins with Jimmy finishing working on a baseball bat in Jimmy's Lab. Goddard then pitches a spinning ball at Jimmy and it is revealed that the bat is capable of hitting the itself but malfunctions, missing the ball but then follows the ball out of Jimmy's hand. Carl is then revealed to be in another room and offers his assistance but accidentally drops a flask. Jimmy declines the offer but tells Carl not to touch anything while Carl uses his inhaler. Carl walks away and asks for a tissue before he sneezes. Jimmy then asks if the bat needs triangulation sensors which Goddard replies ''Seems logical, Captain.'' which is a reference to the sci-fi franchise Star Trek. Jimmy's tinkering with the bat causes the bat to whack him in the head a few times. Carl passes by behind Jimmy's ball and asks how it's going with Jimmy sarcastically saying it's going great. Carl then walks again and asks if baseball is America's pastime with Jimmy saying he guesses so. Another Carl asks why not air guitar and another Carl asks why not pick-up-sticks. Another Carl stands next to the other Carl and says making spit-bubbles is fun. Jimmy turns around and asks if Carl has been messing with the cloning machine again with a group of at least 8 Carl clones denying that they did. The short then ends.


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  • Starting here, Jimmy wears his iconic atom shirt and Carl now has his current design.
  • While Jimmy still has four fingers, Carl seems to have five.
  • Carl's beady eyes are slightly larger in this short compared to his later appearances.
  • The short shares its title with a Canadian cartoon of the same name, and the premise of the short is also similar to the cartoon.
  • An online game based off this short was released on Nick.com



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