Butch Pakovski is a supporting character in the series. He is a student at Lindbergh Elementary School and is usually seen bullying other kids, especially Carl.


Butch fears big words. He is very unintelligent and seemingly doesn't have many friends, but he does appear to be friends with Nick. He is never seen to be specifically mean to Jimmy for unknown reasons and even goes out of his way to help him at times. He seems to bully Oleander and Carl most often. He is also one of the kids who attends the campfire with Nick's story being interrupted and ruined by Bennie scaring everyone, including Carl, who fainted, and they all sobbed after Nick says, "You should have seen your faces!".


Butch is a slack-jawed brown-haired boy with a large frontal bang that covers his eyes, he has a round nose. He wears a purple shirt with a white stripe in the middle, gray pants and purple and white tennis shoes. He appears to be hunchbacked.


Nick Dean

Although Nick is probably Butch's best friend, it is not known about their relationship, only that they love playing basketball.

Farley Pakovski

He is Butch's younger brother. Butch seems to have a good relationship with him, as both can be seen throwing baseballs at each other in "Brobot". Farley is one of the only children who are not bullied by Butch, probably because he is his younger brother and if he did anything to him, he would end up in trouble, however, it is possible that this is not true, since the two are seen talking to each other in front of the Candy Bar in the movie, even without their parents taking care of them.


Although Kevin is seen being attacked by Butch in some episodes, they are probably friends, since in "The Retroville 9" he is seen in the same team as Butch and in "Stranded" he is seen as one of the children who wanted to learn the bullying with Butch.

Terry Finster

Butch and Terry are probably friends, as they both enjoy bullying other kids and are also on the same baseball team in "The Retroville 9".

Brittany Tenelli

Nothing is known about Butch's relationship with Britanny, all that is known is that she plays on the same baseball team as Butch.

Chuck Lester

Nothing is known about Butch's relationship with Lester, all that is known is that he plays on the same baseball team as Butch.

Cool Bully

The "Cool Bully" is a character that appeared only in the gamecube game, "The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius: Jet Fusion". Butch and he appear at the beginning of the game as the only enemies of the school, both appear in the halls and in the rooms throwing basketballs at Jimmy. Cool Bully is probably some relative of Butch, since the two have an almost identical appearance, changing only the color scheme, they also have the same voice in the game.

Roles in games

Jimmy Neutron Attack of the Twonkies

Butch can be seen early in the game in the classroom watching Jimmy's project and Principal Willoughby's warning. He is later seen in the library threatening Jimmy, saying that if he goes down, he will hit him. Jimmy will then have to throw books at Butch so he can let Jimmy pass. Butch can also be seen in the credits of the game.

Jimmy Neutron: Jet Fusion

Butch appears as one of the first enemies in the game, he and another bully are seen walking around the school, and the player will have to defend themselves against them, Butch is the only secondary student in Jimmy's classroom to appear in this game, he is just called "Bully "In this game, in addition, the other bully, who is called "Cool Bully" , is identical to him, only with a different color scheme and wearing a black sunglasses.



  • In "Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion" Butch is credited as the "Bully".
  • Unlike everyone else in Jimmy's class, Butch's eyes are never seen because they are covered by his long hair.
  • In the episode "Lady Sings the News" Butch was awarded the bully of the year award which he accepted.
  • In the same episode, Butch made fun of Cindy and Jimmy and she punched him in the gut.
  • He has a slight resemblance to Porky Minch from Nintendo' EarthBound.
  • Butch has no ears in Jimmy Neutron: Attack of the Twonkies.
  • Butch's texture in Jimmy Neutron: Jet Fusion, had blue eyes, although his eyes were never seen in the game.



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